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Weekend Update

#1 Son–moved in, expecting Internet and Cable on Monday, though I don't know if they even have a TV. Saw friends tonight, will start looking for work on Monday (wrote his mother hopefully).

Snowman–moved into the dorm, registered, auditioned, played Frisbee. Sounds happy. Hopes to be in orchestra, feels pretty confident (wonder if I should be writing this but don't believe in jinxes).

Light Princess–started 8th grade, reconnected with friends including Guitar Boy, did not understand his behavior but eventually remembered boys this age are not as mature as girls this age and cut him some slack since she was the one who broke his heart.

Pure Luck–passed by an old lady while walking, sped up and passed her, though he says "that doesn't count," and though she declared him an inspiration. Admitted she was race-walking. Said it looks funny. Didn't run to get past her because "that would be cheating."

Songbird–spent part of the afternoon like a sitcom character watching dozens of sheets of paper spew out of the copier, not copies of the wedding ceremony, but nearly-blank pages featuring one line of gobbledygook each. Wide awake now after falling under the soporific spell of Larry King earlier in the evening.

On Politics (as seen at Blue Gal, and please bear in mind this is an image, since I've said my last word, for now at least)–

Jesus was a community organizer

6 thoughts on “Weekend Update”

  1. Amen to the bumper sticker!
    Is your copier connected to the computer (like a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1)? And did you finally get it to work right? I hope so. At least you now have lots of scratch paper for sermon drafts!
    And, the RNC came and left the Twin Cities and none of my kids were arrested or had their heads broken, for which I’m grateful.

  2. Thanks for the link to Blue Gal Songbird. And people thought I was possibly being too harsh on Palin? Ha! :c) Enjoyed her immensely and want to be her when I grow up, Blue Gal that is.

  3. Love the image! I was wondering how you were going to follow through on that “last word” proclamation…there are many days between now and the election. I’ve avoided blogging anything, but boy does hubby and daughter get an earful.

  4. That may have just been the last word on the working mom/parenting/teen pregancy stuff. If there are other reasons to comment on the presidential race, I may well do so.

  5. Love the image! I wrote “Over it.” and I certainly am as pertains to the personal lives of candidates’ minor children.
    But as to *political* debate? Far from over it.

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