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The Last Word

(Light Princess and I get out of the car with groceries, just after listening to a story about the Palin family on NPR, of all things, and come into the house to find #1 Son watching David Gregory on MSNBC talking about, you guessed it, the Palin family.)

#1 Son: "If you don't want people to talk about it, don't have your family on TV."

Songbird: "Yes, and if there is an upswing in teen pregnancy, believe me, I will know who I blame!"

(Because clearly, I am a little worked up about this. I know I'm influenced by the post World War II adoption culture, where pregnant girls were sent away and had no choice about keeping their babies, in the other sense; I am one of those babies. But the same people who complain that a "liberal" society is to blame for many social ills ought not be embracing and apparently glorifying the idea of 17-year-olds having babies before finishing high school. Right? It's the hypocrisy that is driving me crazy.)

Songbird: "I mean, am I a shame-based parent?"

#1 Son: "No, you're not."

Songbird: "But when your child goes against exactly the things you taught, perhaps just a *little* shame is in order! Not that no premarital sex is exactly what I've taught. I've taught, 'Don't be stupid! Don't use another person as an object! And don't let them use you as an object either!!'"

Light Princess: "Don't worry, Mom. I'm never going to give my body to someone who doesn't recognize my total awesomeness, spiritually and physically."

18 thoughts on “The Last Word”

  1. I’m one of those babies, too. And like you, I’m torn. And the hypocracy makes my brain want to explode.
    And even though I guess I promised to not talk about it, I see they are now parading the baby daddy all over MN.
    Oh. Em. Gee.

  2. I love your daughter!
    And thank God for moments like these when we are allowed a glimpse into how our children are developing their sense of self and their values!

  3. Out of curiosity, when did the fitness of a person for vice-president get linked to the sexual activity level or marital status of his/her child?
    I mean the Republicans lived through Cheney having a gay daughter–something that would incense the Religious Right more than this story I’d think…

  4. from Cheese “…I see they are now parading the baby daddy all over MN.”
    *head in hands groaning*
    Though I am not surprised. What makes me completely ill is how this has been swallowed hook line and sinker by the GOP and re-served to us as not just acceptable, but laudable. Like it’s all right for our underage teens to have sex as long as they get pregnant and keep the baby.
    Heaven help us.

  5. Gord, I don’t doubt there is a double standard because we are talking about a mom. But my whole professional life has been lived under that double standard, and it’s one that affects all female pastors, as well as politicians. It’s reality.
    That’s not what I’m talking about here, though. It’s the other double standard, that most kids having sex are immoral, but Republican kids are “choosing life.” Um, as the children say, “what.evs.”

  6. Give that girl a GOLD STAR! How I wish I’d had her attitude at that age…clearly she didn’t learn it from a shame-dealing parent. Love. it!

  7. Yay, Light Princess…Yay mom…having raised a daughter (OK, she’s 20, can I say she’s “raised?”)…and in the process of raising a son, I am right there with you on the double standard…

  8. what a great girl!!!!!
    and also: the hypocrisy. yeah.
    you know, the Republicans are right across the river from me, and you wouldn’t even know they were here, that’s how quiet it is in the town next door.

  9. Love the Light Princess. Love her. Wish I had had her attitude at some -cough- times in my youth.

  10. Ohhhhh, I hope Ainsley and Alanna feel the same way as LP when they reach those years. Kris and I were just talking about such things last night!

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