18 thoughts on “Well, Isn’t That Special?”

  1. Every time Biden and Obama said “nuclear,” I cheered. I think correct pronunciation should be a prerequisite for those jobs!

  2. Oh Lord…She seems to be all that we least want…Just praying that she is bad enough to deter hovering voters. The more I read, the more I wish teh rest of the world had a vote – we’ll surely have to live with the consequences of the election.

  3. How utterly weird it is that someone goes from PTA president to VP nominee in less than a decade. Part of it is cool and so very American, “anyone has the opportunity if they work hard enough.” Part of it is just appealing to the sentimentality of voters rather than their head.

  4. I think this was a savvy move on his part, choosing a woman. She’s kind of an anti-Hilary. I guess he thinks if he got into office, he would never die. Imagine her running foreign policy.

  5. I’m also curious about just how executive an experience the governor of Alaska gets?

  6. Frightening, frightening choice on McCain’s part. There are rumblings of concern that he may have Alzheimer’s, and the illogic of his choice for VP doesn’t assuage that concern for me.

  7. Nucular?
    I’m running away if they win. I can’t take ANY more years of that garbage. To say nothing of the other stuff.

  8. you are absolutely on a roll.
    I had wished you were with us for interim training this week (I know you are og a different denominational breed and all, but still..) for your input.
    But, now glad you were home to help PL deal with all this was and is and is to come.
    But, hanging with 60 ministers and watching convention with some 20 or more of them, is way fun.
    Anyhow, you have made me laugh as I get up to speed with comments.

  9. I am also gettign funny analogies of PTA pres vs VP in my head.
    Just please, if we need more money, don’t make the kids sale those dad-gum pizza kits.

  10. It’s the Alaska-Texas oil connection; pronunciation of that word is a part of the by-laws.

  11. She’s been listening to George W. too much. That’s how he pronounces it, too. My father, a hard-core Republican, once called the White House to give him the message that since his (my dad’s) 5th grade students could pronounce the word correctly, it would be awfully nice if the leader of the US could try to learn to say it, too.

  12. Just as special as a certain VP candidate who just last week referred to his running mate as “Barack America”!

  13. There is a difference between an error and ignorance. At a wedding once I said I was reading from 1st Corinthians Channel 13 (we have a channel 13 locally).
    If she says it the right way, I’ll gladly stand corrected.

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