There’s Got to Be a Morning After, or how did we do this without the Crackberries?

On the news this morning, or at least on MSNBC, that Geek Squad of political hotheads and other commentators, last night's fabulous speech by Barack Obama is somewhat under discussion, but the Crackberry-wielding "experts" are busy trying to get the word on who the Republicans will have as Vice-Presidential nominee.

It's Mitt! No, it's not, because Mike Murphy has a personal email from Romney saying so. Murphy holds up his Crackberry as proof.

It's Sarah Palin! There's a charter plane from Alaska to Dayton! Wouldn't that be a clever choice? Never mind that she's inexperienced, a lifetime member of the NRA and about as anti-choice as they come, she has ovaries!!! Clinton supporters will love her!!!

Nope, wait, we hear she is in Alaska, preparing to unveil the state quarter later today!!!

Hold on, hold on! Lieberman is in Dayton!!! (That would be hilarious, I like that one.)

Condi Rice is on vacation, so we haven't been tracking her!!!

Tom Ridge wouldn't even NEED vetting!!! (huh?)

Finally, Mika Brzezinski calls it: They are playing us, she says in reference to the Republicans. Let's talk about the speech.

Which lasts about a minute. Including comments from Peggy Noonan that include deliberate mispronunciations of "Barack." Because that's a technique no one ever used before…

It's 9:33 a.m. ET and I'm exhausted. When do we get our post-Convention naps?

11 thoughts on “There’s Got to Be a Morning After, or how did we do this without the Crackberries?”

  1. No kidding.
    A catch our breath moment would be nice–and civil— something so needed in this political climate!

  2. It looks like it’s Sarah Palin. Looks like he wants his own historic campaign. Though we did it first, in ’84.

  3. I never heard of Sarah Palin before. But I’m amused by her name and enjoying thinking that she might, just might, be Michael Palin’s sister. THAT would be fun! 🙂

  4. It’s Sarah Palin and I’m disgusted. I know it’s politics and all–but do we for a minute thing McCain picked her because she’s most qualified? No, he picked her b/c she might woo the disenchanted Hillary supporters.

  5. Speaking only for myself, it seems like the most cynical choice for VP ever. But may the best candidate win.

  6. NOT M. Palin’s sister, unfortunately.
    Are we supposed to vote for her because she has (or at least has had at some point) ovaries? Is that what McCain thinks the draw to Hillary was about? If I was a Republican woman, I would be insulted by my own candidate.

  7. Not only does she have ovaries, she has a four-month-old special needs infant at home. When is she going to see that child? Those are some mighty fine family values….

  8. Songbird, I thought the same thing about leaving her 5 children, including her infant. It’s sexist, because I likely wouldn’t have thought it about a man.
    But seriously, who is going to raise that baby?
    Also, the only thing she and Hilary have in common is a vagina. There ideology is completely, completely different. It’s insulting to think that at least some in the McCain camp think all that Hilary voters wanted was female.

  9. Yes, Lisa V. I hesitated to write about the parenting side of this, because it feels anti-feminist. But I would point out that Republicans have critiqued Michelle Obama for having a career, darn it, and made it sound like some sort of negative that she lets her mom take care of the girls.
    I just have a feeling this will be bad.

  10. While I enjoy SOME commentary, if seems Wolf Blitzer is incapable of shutting up. At one point, one of the other CNN folks cut a commentator short, saying Dick Durbin (who is a great Senator himself) was about to speak. There was about one second of silence before Wolf went back into Chatty Cathy mode and yammered clear up until Durbin opened his mouth. I switched to C-Span, which had no commentators filling the air. How refreshing to see history be made without Wolf Blitzer’s non-stop commentary!
    As for Palin, a news radio station just said she has a fairly good environmental record. So McCain apparently hopes to exploit her ovaries (she had her most recent baby a couple months ago), her youth (mid-40s, I guess), and her environmental policies. The only thing he didn’t choose her for is for her state’s electoral votes – how many does Alaska have, anyway?

  11. I think McCain has made yet another mistake. Yet, I’m glad it’s not Tim Pawlenty (as a former Minnesotan, I wouldn’t want him that close to the White House nor would I want his Lt. Gov. to be MN’s first woman governor). I can’t imagine any sane Hillary Clinton supporter voting for this pair.

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