Transactional Analysis

It's a truth I hate to acknowledge. I don't like to call a plumber unless I have an emergency, so there were a few other little things that needed attention today.

 The A. Brothers came this afternoon and for $125 I have:

  • a non-leaking shower
  • a free-running bathroom sink
  • a working garbage disposal (although the plumbers pointed out it's a bum model)
  • a kitchen sink finally bonded to the counter
  • a reassurance that there is no need to remove the floor drain in the basement and re-do the floor
  • and
    a fantastic story about a dog that bit one of the plumbers in the butt
    and an old lady who tried to take down his pants to see if the bite
    broke the skin. Really. Because plumbers need help lowering their pants…

Insinkerator 444I felt I had the better side of the deal until I ran some serious water into the kitchen sink and noticed a puddle on the floor in front of it.

It's the same darn leak I had 18 months ago, on that noteworthy weekend when Angel Hair pasta broke the plumbing and a cotton rope toy almost broke Sam Dog.

At the time I blamed myself for all the difficulties, but I now believe it's true: the Insinkerator 444 is really the Dispose-all 666.

I'll call the plumbers again in the morning.

6 thoughts on “Transactional Analysis”

  1. Wow, would they come up here? We could use a good plumber too, to take out our disposal (no longer working, and also that brand) (but probably much older) completely. Time to get a compost bin?

  2. A good plumber, a good electrician and a decent pastor, what more does one really need in daily life? And the best part is that you can get along without any of them unless something goes wrong. And when it does, the plumber or electrician will probably be of more help.

  3. Aw, rats. Early in the story I was cheering, but not so much now.
    The dispos-all looks like a robot. (Extreme Danger, Songbird! Warning!)

  4. Now, on top of being pissed off at John McCain I have to go and check the model number of our disposal?

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