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Thanks. Thanks a lot.

The Scene: Early a.m. Songbird in upstairs hallway, not quite awake.

Pure Luck: (bursts up stairs)

Songbird: Wha?

Pure Luck: Water is pouring through the kitchen ceiling!!!!

Songbird: What?

Pure Luck: It's coming through the track lights!!!!

Songbird: (awake now) Did you turn off the lights?

Pure Luck: (bursts down the stairs)

Songbird: (follows him and finds water pouring through ceiling as if a sprinkler system had been set off, a mystery since NO WATER IS RUNNING UPSTAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!)

Pure Luck: (begins sopping up water in now darkened kitchen)

Songbird: (helplessly picks up and puts down dishcloth, then goes back upstairs)

Pure Luck: (continues sopping)

Songbird: (opens seeming closet door that actually encloses shower plumbing and finds leak): Honey, I found the leak.

Pure Luck: (arrives and hands Songbird a towel)

Songbird: I don't understand this. All I did was rinse something out in the bathtub.

Pure Luck: Nothing happened when I took a shower.

Songbird: I'll call the plumber. (goes back to kitchen to look up number, while waiting for plumber to answer, looks at ceiling in kitchen, thinks) This is what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object. Water, meet ceiling. Which is what my God and Moses sermon is about.

God: Heh. I hope you like this illustration.

Songbird: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

8 thoughts on “Thanks. Thanks a lot.”

  1. Oh, crumbs. I had a moment like that a few months ago. No fun at all. I hope the plumber is hard at work by the time you read this comment.

  2. Yikes! That’s so much what happened here a couple of months ago…For us it was a faulty join in the plumbing – the rescue involved lifting floor boards but was reasonably painless. Do hope your plumber has arrived and is performing miracles. Meanwhile, here’s a consolatory hug ((Songbird))

  3. ACK! I’ll wash your towels? In my washer?
    Hope it is repaired by now and that the ceiling is drying out.

  4. Yikes! Now I’m really glad to live in a single-story home. There aren’t any overhead pipes so if a pipe were to break, most of the mess would wind up in the unfinished basement.
    So did the leak (or the repairs) cause any additional damage – the kitchen ceiling, lights, upstairs flooring, etc???

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