Because Some People Cannot Stop Themselves: Book #45

No, that's not the name of the book.

I'm just reporting in to say I finished the sixth Clare Fergusson mystery, I Shall Not Want. These books, written by Julia Spencer-Fleming, are irresistible.

But you probably guessed I felt that way already.

9 thoughts on “Because Some People Cannot Stop Themselves: Book #45”

  1. Going to the library tomorrow to pick up the copy they found for me. Woohoo! (Before that, finishing the new Laura Lippman. And I really need to start reading the Joan Chittister book. Thanks for choosing a short one, RGBPs!)

  2. It’s all your fault! You got me hooked. I’ve read the first three in the series and number 4 awaits me if I’ll get off the computer and go read! It’s pretty late to be starting it tonight. Once I start, it’s hard to put down. Thanks for telling us about them.

  3. I finished the last one! Love these books.
    Next for a great clergywoman mystery series: Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins’ books. Merrily is an Anglican priest in England. Wonderful! Begin with the first book!

  4. yes, now that I’ve sampled the Parisian mysteries of Cara Black, I’ll have to start reading about Clare Ferguson. Esp. now that I am using my library card.

  5. I just read up on Merrily Watkins; those sound scary! I’ll have to check out Cara Black, too.

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