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Up, Up and Away

Three Gals

(Songbird, Ruby, Mary Beth after dinner on Friday night.)

After a busy and wonderful visit, Mary Beth and I are off to the City By the Sea International Jetport, where I will NOT be checking my bag, though she is still undecided.

Mary Beth will be home later today, and I will be in Atlanta to attend the UCC's New Church Leadership Institute. I'm bringing my laptop along, so I hope to have time to check in along the way.

Blogging continues to bring many wonderful people into my life. Mary Beth is a sister to me now; Ruby came back into my life in part because of my blog. I'm grateful for this new way of creating and expanding community. My experience with RevGalBlogPals feels like a new way of being the Body of Christ, and I hope my efforts will prove to be a good preparation for New Church work, too.

More soon,

14 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away”

  1. I certainly relate to feeling more like the Body of Christ with RevGals!
    What beautiful, glowing faces in that picture. I’ll bet you had a lovely time!

  2. Love the picture! It is happy making. So glad you all had this chance to connect and visit. God means us to be close and loving so we honor Him when we do this.

  3. What a beautiful group! And, look at that Mary Beth wearing a leather jacket in AUGUST!

  4. I loved being in Maine with you both. It was a refreshing and peaceful time. Thanks you, thank you. Love you so much.

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