To Do, Today

To Do, Today:

  • Ask Pure Luck about the weather
  • Beg him for a false answer because if it's rain again, not sure what I'll do
  • Drive to work
  • Try not to notice rain
  • Make phone calls; this is my last day in the office before study leave and vacation!
  • Go to meeting with local developer
  • Return to church
  • Try to write sermon so Friday and Saturday can be spent with visitors (see below)
  • Finish planning sweet garden wedding for Sunday morning (as above)
  • Rush home to take Light Princess to new orthodontist
  • Write painful check to new orthodontist
  • Get groceries
  • Supervise children cleaning house
  • Make Texas sheet cake for visitors (keep reading to learn more)
  • Greet Ruby and family! They are arriving by car! (Ruby is aka "childhood friend.")
  • Pick up Ruby's partner, Garden Girl! (She is arriving by plane!)
  • Say goodbye to Ruby's partner and family, but hold onto Ruby, who is not leaving yet!
  • Go back to airport and get Mary Beth!!!
  • Make sure my family gets dinner.
  • Go out to posh restaurant with Mary Beth and Ruby!!!
  • Smile a lot.

The next few days will include further blogger meet-ups; stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “To Do, Today”

  1. Lucky! It’s my last day in the office, too, but no blogger meet-ups.

  2. SB…I’m in Newark waiting for my plane…which is still in Toronto. I’ll get in touch with more details when I have them…

  3. Sounds busy, hope to see you and MB at the church supper and maybe at Three Lionshurst on Sunday!

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