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Vampires, We’ve Got Vampires: Books 39-41

I've finished reading the Twilight series! I can't say anything about the plot without spoiling things. I found the books bizarrely engaging, especially considering that I don't usually like vampire stories. The most recent book had some pretty shocking scenes. If anyone reading this has actually read the book and wants to discuss it, leave a comment and we'll talk more there.

I read all four of these books on the Kindle, which is pretty much a necessity with really big books at the moment. If you are a compulsive reader, which, ahem, I have been called, the Kindle gives you fewer excuses to stop, since you're not reaching so many natural feeling breakpoints with actual page turns and blank spaces at the ends of chapters. They're there, but they feel much more permissible to scoot past, or I think so, anyway.

Next on my Kindle list: the other Rev. Clare Fergusson mysteries. The one limit with the Kindle is that although you can designate "clippings" and even make notes, for "work" related books, I think I'm going to want paper copies I can mark in and refer to later. I tried reading Wil Gafney's book about Women Prophets on the Kindle and just got sleepy. I don't think that's a reflection on her, more on the transfer of her book to the electronic paper. I suspect I'll be more likely to read fiction on the Kindle. I've read one biography, and that worked pretty well, too.

Again, be warned the comments may have Twilight series spoilers.

11 thoughts on “Vampires, We’ve Got Vampires: Books 39-41”

  1. OMG, you’ve read the fourth book? I love this series and am feeling anxious about how it ends. Am I going to be disappointed? I can’t wait for the movie, as you can see from my website, where I have a countdown widget. I’ll read anything about vampires.

  2. Thanks for the good tip on the reads. You don’t by any chance follow Jonny Baker, do you?

  3. OMg, I just read the first book. I finished it last night. It was awesome!!! I can’t wait to read the rest.

  4. I’ve read the first book and haven’t pursued the others…yet. Mostly because they are being so ardently vied over by the tweens and teens at my local library. I will go for the second one now that the fourth is out…maybe the stampede will not knock me over!

  5. I’d never heard of this series till my Entertainment Weekly had a cover picture of the movie versions stars. Where have I been?

  6. Bad Alice, I’m spoiler-phobic, so I was in a hurry to read it before people started writing about it!
    Amy, I don’t know Jonny Baker, I’ll take a look.
    Baby Gator, it’s VERY exciting.
    Mary Beth, we’ll talk you into them!
    PG, your child is of the wrong type. This is the girl book series of the decade.

  7. I don’t really like Vampire things so I haven’t read them. And the Kid who LOVES Buffy thinks no vampire story will ever match Buffy so he hasn’t read them either. But I’m starting to wonder if this will be sort of like not reading Harry Potter?
    I love the Clare Fergusson books!

  8. You keep making me want to try out a Kindle, but it’s a hefty investment. . . .

  9. Rev. S: I read all four J S-F books and enjoyed them, but then had that “I’m done” feeling, due more to the plot than to the characters. Each one seemed a little darker than the others, although I liked the way she developed Clare and Russ, and it’s good writing overall, I think. I am ready for the fifth one, now that I’ve had a break.
    Not going into the vampire series, though my 9th/10th grade girl students adore it. Unless one of them bets me. Then I’ll be sunk!

  10. I finished the fourth one last week. IT was quite a ride. I agree with your analysis (from our visit). I’m wondering why these are so compelling? Though… I was hungry for good literature less than an hour later.

  11. wil gafney’s book on women prophets is a “must read”!!! i could be biased however… she is my big sister after all.

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