The Snowman Returneth

Now a seasoned traveler, Snowman has always been known for his sangfroid. His delayed flight was in the end an hour later than the United website indicated for its delayed takeoff. I asked him what happened?

Snowman: I was sleeping most of the flight. I think we may have landed somewhere.

Songbird: Landed and taken off again?

Snowman: Yes, because I remember taking off, and then after that I remember taxi-ing, and then I remember landing.

Songbird: In that order?

Snowman: Yes, that's what I remember. It was a sudden landing. Of course, I was asleep.

All I know is that it took an extra hour for the flight to land, and when he finally arrived at the bus station, it was a very happy mother and older brother and little sister who took turns hugging him. Once home, Pure Luck came out of the house and brought Sam, then Molly insisted on joining us all in the front yard, too.

We proved that Amish friendship bread starter will survive freezing and made some after dinner. We watched Firefly, a favorite of a few summers ago, while the smell of cinnamon filled house.

It's good to have all the birds in the nest. We have four weeks until both boys leave again, Snowman to return to school, #1 Son to life in the Big Apple. Those four weeks will be full of planning and packing, of college consideration and apartment renting.

But let's not go there, just yet. For tonight, I'll just be glad they're all under one roof.

5 thoughts on “The Snowman Returneth”

  1. That is WONDERFUL to have all the birds in the nest. (I am officially jealous!) 🙂

  2. We love Firefly here! Last night my kids and I watched Jurassic Park… what fun!
    Enjoy your family.
    Pax, C.

  3. Those times when you gather the whole brood together are so special; enjoy!

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