Can’t Talk Now

Breaking dawn
Sorry, can't blog right now.

All my thoughts about children growing up too fast, dogs who are afraid of thunder, cats who are obsessed with me, the upcoming election, the Olympics, marriage and the finer points of theological reflection in the post-modern era have been wiped out of my head by vampires and werewolves.

Back soon.

No, really.

Because I cannot put it down.

7 thoughts on “Can’t Talk Now”

  1. and until I heard it from you, I had never even heard of Stephanie Meyer. Wow

  2. Oh, don’t tell my girls. They are mad that I’m making them wait until we have a 950 mile drive on Thursday!

  3. Does the series improve? I was not impressed by Twilight, though I understood the attraction to adolescents.

  4. Going on a stay-cation soon – and looking for reading material…non-church-related, sit by the pool kind of reading -thanks!

  5. ooo, you make me so scared to read those books. and not because they’re scary, but because, you know, I just dont think I can commit….

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