Mustard Seed Song

I found I wanted to have the congregation sing something about this Sunday's text, and particularly the mustard seed, but I just didn't find anything singable enough for a smaller summertime congregation.

Meanwhile, "Amazing Grace" was much in my mind after singing it at two services over this past weekend. And soon I had a head full of seeds and grace, and this was the result.

"Mustard Seed"


Oh, once there was a mustard seed

Almost too small to see.

I planted it and watched it grow

Into a spreading tree.


The tree became a home for birds;

The branches held their nests.

The birds they came from miles around

to find a place to rest.


But mustard seeds will never grow

Into such spreading trees

We tell the tale so we will know

God's kingdom yet to be.


How can we live our lives today

to be the mustard seed?

We'll share God's love with all we meet

and help the ones in need.

Oh, once there was a mustard seed

Almost too small to see.

I planted it and watched it grow

Into a spreading tree.

10 thoughts on “Mustard Seed Song”

  1. Very good! Now, here is OHP’s take on that, written for my birthday some years back:
    The Mustard Seed Hymn
    Brother James’s Air
    New Century Hymnal 479
    I prayed to God, though lost in doubt,
    In unbelief and shame:
    “Increase my faith, O, let me feel
    Your breath and see your flame.”
    Then, to my still and darkened soul,
    This quiet answer came:
    “Child, though your faith’s no bigger than
    A grain of mustard seed,
    Because my love is infinite,
    That faith is all you need
    To walk the path of grace and peace,
    To follow where I lead.
    “With such a faith, you could remove
    A mountain to the sea.
    But something greater I desire:
    I want you, child, to be
    A humble prophet who will make
    My other children see.”
    O, sister, brother, hear me then:
    I offer you this creed:
    Although your faith’s no bigger than
    A tiny mustard seed,
    God’s love will bless you every day
    And fill your deepest need.
    (c)1998 H. C. Strandskov
    It isn’t as apropos to the text as yours, but it was coincidental that this text showed up again in my birthday week. (The copyright date may be wrong, but I know it was some significant birthday).

  2. More talents revealed! It’s lovely. May I keep it for future use?
    Pax, C.

  3. Of course, C!
    I’m happy to share, just let me know when you do so I can give you proper “credits” to use (beyond “I belong to Songbird!”).

  4. I liked your song alot, and would like at least to file it away for the future, and perhaps use tomorrow, if I have your permission. Thank you!

  5. Hi Songbird
    I’d like to use your Mustard Seed song this Sunday (14th June). If I print the words in our Order of Service, what should I put beside the copyright symbol?

  6. I too would like to print the words for your Mustard Seed song in our bulletins this Sunday. Please let me know how to do so!
    Pastor Bob Friese
    Dallas & New Scandinvia Lutheran Churches + ELCA
    Dallas, WI

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