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The Cone

Dear Readers,

I remember being the mother of small children. I remember going absolutely nuts when the slightly older girl next door through a rock at #1 Son, then about age 5 or 6, missed, then picked it up and threw it again, hitting him, right in front of me, as if the presence of a mother meant nothing.

I remember this.

And therefore I hesitate to ask anyone about the orange traffic cone placed on the manhole cover right in front of my driveway.

I first noticed it as I was coming home the other day. I had to swing wide around it to get into my driveway, and frankly it could not be more awkwardly placed. I also noticed a group of mothers and young children in the street up ahead with four little bicycles lined up in a row. Pure Luck tells me that one of the young boys, in particular, has been using the traffic cone as a point at which to circle. I'm sure these little ones, who are all five and under, are being supervised, unlike some of the dogs on our street. I understand the desire to make the most of our short summer by being outside, and I believe that bike-riding is a wholesome pursuit for the young.

The Cone 002But why, oh why, did the cone spend the night in front of my house, unretrieved?

One of the difficulties of my current medical condition is turning the steering wheel, so perhaps I am over-reacting. Since I don't actually know which family placed the cone on the manhole cover, I cannot return it to its home.  Anyway, Pure Luck is ready to "move the cone," which I believe means make it disappear, and that does not feel like a solution, either, though I appreciate his desire to respond to my complaint.

Sometimes I like the idea of living at the end of a dirt road.

Turning into a cranky old lady-ishly,


11 thoughts on “The Cone”

  1. Hey, they leave that cone thing out there all night unlocked, it could totally get tossed.

  2. I thought this was going to be about an ice cream cone.
    Having lived on two fairly busy streets as my younger two were small, I still get very nervous when I see kids playing in the street. Especially on my current street which has one or two hotrodders whizzing up it almost every day.

  3. I did as Cathy suggested and moved it to the edge of grass you can see in the picture.
    Auntie Knickers, even our dead end sometimes gets people speeding through who don’t realize we’re a dead end, so I hear you.

  4. I’m with Cathy…just move it out of your way. And if it keeps getting left there, let Pure Luck “disappear” it.

  5. This reminds me of growing up on a quiet street in a suburban neighborhood. We played kickball in the street and rode our bikes there when we were older, but it wasn’t a great place for small unsupervised children. One day my dad went out to suggest to the (apparently unsupervised) preschooler who lived across the street that sitting by herself in the middle of the road wasn’t a great idea. “My daddy says it’s my street and I can sit here whenever I want,” she responded. My daddy didn’t mention it again, but he has never forgotten, either.

  6. Oh, ps: you can also run over it if it’s in your way. Ken has people do that to his all the time. 🙂

  7. Run it over! You got my vote on that one, but just your luck, your hands won’t allow it. Move it to the side – then you will be able to hit it.

  8. Oh heck, that’s just RUDE. Period. As if no one noticed it was right in front of your driveway. I’d move to over to the side of the road which hopefully will speak loudly to it’s inconvenient location. People never cease to amaze me.

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