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Summer Faith

"Summer Faithful…

Summer Not"

So read the sign in front of the Evangelical Covenant Church we passed on our way home from a voice lesson for Light Princess this morning. It got us talking, in an irreverent way, about faith, and then we arrived home to spot two young men, clearly missionaries, standing at a neighbor's front door.

I must say, the Mormons tend to come here only in the summer, which is curious. Don't they go other places the year round? Perhaps a summer evangelism mission in Vacationland is a reward for good behavior.

I knew Pure Luck would be excited to hear they were on our street; indeed, he had already spotted them and was waiting somewhat gleefully, just this side of rubbing his hands together in anticipation. I'm not sure who he enjoys more, the Mormons or the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Please understand, he does not object to the idea that others believe things he does not. *I* believe lots of things he doesn't, and that is no problem for either of us. He just doesn't approve of taking the message door to door. After all, he doesn't do it.

Also? He really, really enjoys reasoning with people about, oh, almost anything, particularly things he finds unreasonable.

I don't enjoy it. When home alone, I politely explain that I am ordained United Church of Christ minister and have a faith life already. That usually causes jaws to drop and I pleasantly say good-bye and close the door. When Pure Luck is home, however, I leave him the field, and so it was today. I withdrew. A few minutes went by as the young men proceeded to the dead end and made their way back toward our house.

Then I heard him say, "What the heck? They went by!!" He went out the front door and stood amazed, watching them recede into the distance.

He came back in and I said, "They must have marked you down in their book."

He nodded. "It's pretty bad," he said, "when even the Mormons won't evangelize you."

Summer not.

18 thoughts on “Summer Faith”

  1. LOL! Pure luck is hilarious.
    The Mormons and the Jehovahs Witnesses gave up on me a long time ago.

  2. that is too funny! the JW come to boonieville… and even tho’ i tried to explain i was ordained yadda yadda and they could clearly see me living next door to the structure with a cross, steeple, and stained glass they kept blatherin’ on and on…
    so i turned southern and in my best drawl said, “sugar let me stop y’all a sec, you see i know jesus christ as my personal lord and savior, i mean me and the man talk every day. uhmm hmm yes sir, ever day…” i kept drawlin’ but they couldn’t reach their car fast enough. (for whatever reason)

  3. I saw a group of Mormon young men walking down the street near St Stoic. (The church is one block from a ginormous Mormon church. Go figure. Mormons in Snow Belt?)
    Alas, they did not stop at the church.
    Summer not, indeed.

  4. How funny. I, too, want to get rid of them ASAP, and my spouse adores inviting them in and engaging them in debate.

  5. Well I don’t invite them in. I go out and do battle on the stoop. Although they make their peculiar belief difficult to satirize when their prophet supposedly heard the new gospel from the Angel Moroni. It’s just too easy.

  6. Pure Luck, you crack me up. Doin’ battle on the stoop. That’s the best.

  7. A few years back, when I still had a nursling and the Mormons would come by in the summer, I’d hear the doorbell, look out the window to see who it was, and say, “I’m breastfeeding my baby right now. Can I help you?”
    The Mormons would vaporize every single time.
    Worked with hovering salespeople in stores too. 🙂

  8. My husband’s favorite thing to ask about is the prophet Joseph Smith and how he got his revelations by looking into his hat. 🙂 Hee hee.

  9. Oddly enough, the only time I’ve been approached by missionaries in the last 3 years was back in Minneapolis, fairly early on a Saturday morning in Uptown — probably not the best mission field for JWs. NO WAIT! There were guys handing out the Gospel of John on Maine St. a few weeks back. I told them I had 16 Bibles at home. I lied — it’s more like 23 although 2 are in Danish, which I don’t actually read.

  10. Tee hee! Thanks to you and Pure Luck, and hot cup, and especially Katherine, for cracking me up tonight.
    I know you’re “supposed” to invite them in, and get out your own Bible, and argue with them, but I admit I have never, never been up for that.

  11. The Angel Moroni??! You’re right, that’s just too easy.
    They pass by our house too. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about being “red flagged” by the JW’s (we don’t get Mormons in these parts).
    Back in the day when I worked in a blood bank, I had a REALLY interesting conversation with a couple of JW’s on our front steps. It was very polite, but it was pretty hard for them to argue against the number of lives I had seen saved by blood transfusions. Interesting times, those.

  12. Growing up Catholic in Mormom country, all you had to do was tell them you were a papist or offer them a drink and poof they were gone.
    I know quite a few boys who went on missions. Most of the ones I knew didn’t feel called to it, but it was like a right of passage as a Mormon boy turning into a man. There is a ton of pressure to do it. They are out talking about faith before most of them have had a chance to develop it. This is really just a pit stop before they begin typical lives.
    They usually have a girl “waiting” for them at home. Most marry immediately when returning home from a mission.
    I feel bad for them, they’re doing what their culture tells them to do and they get a lot of grief trying to do it. All the same, I still don’t want to talk with them and just say “no thank you” when they come to my door.

  13. I knew someone who grew up Mormon. When he came of age and said he didn’t want to go out and do a mission, his family disowned him.

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