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Taken by Surprise

We don't lock our doors.

We park the cars in the driveway or in front of the house, sometimes with windows open (often in Pure Luck's case), and even the house door is unlocked most of the time, until we are all in for the night.

This morning I got in the car and found all the books and things related to my car on the floor, and the glove compartment open. I realized immediately that someone had tossed the car. I called Pure Luck from my cell and asked if his car had been entered, too? Yes, he said, and he suspected his cell phone might have been stolen, since he was pretty sure he had left it in the glove compartment and could not find it elsewhere.

We discussed what he needed to do and ended our call.

And then I remembered what had been plugged into my cigarette lighter spot that isn't really a cigarette lighter anymore. She was wearing a coat like the one on the right. Let me know if you see her, okay?


23 thoughts on “Taken by Surprise”

  1. Ooohhh no. Since it was a theft, I don’t hold out much hope, still, Sisterfilms lost hers last year in August (fell out of her purse outside Orchestra Hall) and in December she got an email at work from someone who had found it! And had been trying to track her down through Craigslist, etc., and finally did the magic iPod thing and traced her that way. And it turned out to be a guy who runs a blankets-for-the-homeless thing that I used to collect for when I had Sisterfilms’ job! So, you never know.

  2. I’ve been told it’s most likely ended up in a pawn shop. I guess I could call around, but I’m not hopeful.

  3. Sarah, good question! I have the serial number, but I cannot find the link to the free service that tracked the iPod’s online sign-ins. There are now a number of software options for such tracking, but you have to load them on the iPod before you let the darn thing get stolen.
    In his case, it was pretty certain it had happened at school, so it was enough to put the word out that we were tracking it. This was so much more random, or I assume it was.
    I had no idea these devices were going to come and go in our lives with such frequency!

  4. Soda Chick and I agree that this totally sucks. I recently washed my Ipod. It did not survive the spin cycle. For the Chick, the phone and Ipod are two of her most precious posessions so she totally feels your pain. Your home owner’s insurance may very well cover the thefts. It may be worth checking.

  5. That just bites!
    I hate to say it, but in these fiscally troubled times, crimes like these are going to increase.
    Still, it just bites.

  6. Check with your homeowner’s insurance like revhrod said, but don’t be surprised if they deny it. In my town, our community police officer said when a car or garage is left unlocked, insurance companies aren’t as likely to take “simple theft” as seriously as a burglary or robbery since there’s no forced entry, no injury. Besides, the cost of the iPod and phone are probably less than your deductible anyway.

  7. The phone was cheap. He got a new one for $13!!! I’m going to downsize to a Nano, they are so much bigger now, and I didn’t really need all the storage size on the big one. For something like that, if you get the insurance company to pay, it usually ends up hurting you on the premium.
    I feel like an idiot for leaving it out there.

  8. I am SO SORRY about this … it’s a sickening feeling out of all proportion to the monetary loss.

  9. I’ve since learned that neighbors had their car rifled, too, but they didn’t lose anything.
    I’m just glad good-looking skirts from Talbots bound for the dry cleaner aren’t readily pawned…

  10. oh, ouch, Songbird. So sorry, but I will join you in being glad they didn’t pilfer the dry cleaning too: clothes shopping is much less fun than technology shopping, and not much cheaper.

  11. suck! we had the same thing happen a couple of months ago — car unlocked, car riffled through, door not closed back all the way (the tipoff), some gift cards and a wallet and small binoculars taken. violated. i hate that mess.

  12. “I feel like an idiot for leaving it out there. ”
    that’s almost always the worst thing for me. I just can’t forgive my self sometimes. Crazy.
    so sorry this happened to you.

  13. Bother and drat and huge sympathies….Life without iPod is not good. Hope the insurance comes to the rescue. Hugs and lvoes xxx

  14. We never lock anything either, including the house. Still, it’s a darn shame! I hate the fact that we have to change our behavior because of others’ poor choices.

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