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A Swiftly Tilting Winder

Last night I made my first attempt to use my new swift and ball winder. #1 Son, who apparently did not know our camera could take video, held the camera, and The Princess (no new name yet) assisted with technicalities. (Pure Luck is dimly in the background, at his computer.)

It did not help that the swift came with no directions at all, nor that the ball winder's instructions were translated, sort of, from Japanese. For example:


1) Fit bobbin in bobbin holder in a right position.

2) Keeping bobbin holder by hand, turn bobbin to left by another hand as far as it goes.

I have seen exactly one swift in action, at Quarterstitch in New Orleans in December of 2006 and again this March, although I did not observe closely either time.

The film appears to end in catastrophe, but all was well in the end, I assure you. Yarn wound, I did what my children had wished all along and watched an episode of "Lost."


12 thoughts on “A Swiftly Tilting Winder”

  1. Terrific video! I thought the catastrophy in the end was cute, especially with the Dog barking.
    I did get a bit dizzy watching the bobbin spin and the swift spinning. Brought back memories of the cruise.
    Peace and love,

  2. ps. I found your profile on Ravelry and friended you. I feel so modern

  3. I had no idea such a thing existed.
    I would probably still be sorting out the trouble at the end.

  4. Love! It! – video, new equipment, barking, the family involvement
    and love this post name too 🙂

  5. oh, very enjoyable! I am slightly jealous that you got to try this out in your own home…my fist time with a swift I was in a LYS and made a complete fool of myself! It does get easier, I promise!
    p.s. I also “got” the blog title, having recently read the book – very funny!

  6. That bobbin noise and its screwy up/down wobble motion bring back very visceral memories of my childhood.

  7. Now THAT is cool! I’d do just the same… chat while my yarn was getting all tangled…lol! What a lovely gift for your wrists. :c)

  8. The cool things that I learn from friends! I’d never heard of a swift before. Looks kind of like a bamboo umbrella frame. And fun!

  9. Seeing this makes me miss you more!
    Charming movie with lovely actress and cast. Please tell the camera man how much we enjoyed his work!

  10. What I found really exciting about this was watching you turn the bobbin with all your arm joints working. I hope this means the meds are improving your pain situation.

  11. Ok, I’m a slow one, but I finally got the double meaning of the title of this blog entry. Found it in the New Century Hymnal. Need more caffiene.

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