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The Sunday Paper

If our lives were a newspaper, these would be some of the feature stories today.

Songbird and Pure Luck Celebrate Anniversary
Eight years ago today, Songbird and Pure Luck met for the first time, having connected over the Internet and then decided to have dinner together at a very safe and public location chosen by Songbird. She can hardly believe that she left a child only a year older than The Princess is now in charge of his younger siblings to go and meet a strange man, but, hey! We live in the 21st Century. And she carried her cellphone, the one that flipped open like one of Captain Kirk’s communicators. Pure Luck wore a t-shirt from a certain vacation spot that included Songbird’s real name, and she found that charming. When she fiddled with her silverware, he picked up her hand and held it. The rest is history.

Today’s celebration took the form of brunch after church with #1 Son, The Princess and Pure Luck’s BFF, who was the best man at their wedding. Sadly, the safe restaurant closed last year, so the festivities took place at a place Pure Luck feared would be too hip. Despite a reference on the menu to “peps,” which turned out to mean peppers, the eggs were quite acceptable, as were the home fries and English Muffins.

#1 Son Gets Summer Job

Although his first summer jobย  as a stage manager meant he was late looking for a job for the rest of the summer, a friend recommended #1 Son at a local restaurant, so he will NOT be spending the summer playing video games in his bathrobe!! On his shopping list: a black apron and a wine key. Clearly he will be learning useful skills required by actors everywhere, good preparation for his planned move to NYC later in the year.

Snowman Solos in Camp Concert
Snowman kindly called his mother to let her know how well his concerts at Land O’Lakes Arts Camp went this weekend. On Friday night his chamber group played in an Honors Concert, and on Saturday night, he was principal clarinet for WYWS, playing a number of solos, which he tells us “went perfectly.” This week’s lesson with the summer teacher also went well, and Snowman is looking forward to another week as principal clarinet. At home, his mother is kvelling. CDs of the concert will go on sale soon!

The Princess Requests New BlogName
Once upon a time, Songbird started a blog and dubbed her children #1 Son, #2 Son and The Little Princess. #2 Son chose his own new blogname a couple of years ago, to claim his identity as a person who loves winter and cold weather. Now The Princess feels she would like something different. While we are not proposing a contest, suggestions are welcome.

Sweet Girl Hugs Preacher
In other news, a recent high school graduate surprised her pastor with a hug today. We loves her, precious.

25 thoughts on “The Sunday Paper”

  1. Well if she doesn’t want to be “The Princess”, how about “The Pea”?

  2. Congratulations. I wish I was Jewish, because then I could use Yiddish like Phantom, and Mazel Tov sounds so much cooler than congratulations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. great sunday highlights! and what a good idea! (you made me think: hey, I didn’t get a paper today.)
    but seriously, she should watch Father Knows Best. Princess is much better than “Kitten.” And Elinor Donahue was a cool teenager.

  4. Oh, three cheers for everyone! I’d like to subscribe to that paper.
    “Rock Star?” “The Empress?”

  5. Happy Happy Anniversary!!
    I vote for “Teen Angel”
    And when #1 son moves to NYC to pursue the acting career, let me know if he would like to study improvisation with the master teacher who created the Groundlings (my improv teacher) who teaches in NY as well as L.A. Really helpful for auditioning.

  6. Happy, happy anniversary Songbird! Such great headlines for news in your house.

  7. Oh…I missed your anniversary. I’m glad it was a good day…And that recent High School Graduate displays excellent taste and common sense. Her pastor is top of the list of people I’d hug today ๐Ÿ™‚
    So glad that #1 son has joined the world’s workers. It sounds substantially further upmarket than The Duffelpud at the Golden Arches – which is as it should be, of course.
    As for The Princess – it took Hattie Gandhi ages to come up with her preferred blogname, and all external suggestions were spurned. Good luck with her new identity.

  8. Congratulations! What a sweet anniversary story!
    That the Princess doesn’t want to be called “the Princess” any longer reflects well on her sense of self, I think. Does she have her own suggestions?
    I’m sure jo(e), queen of the bloggy names will have a good suggestion!

  9. I love your anniversary story, sigh.
    Does the erstwhile Princess have a totem animal?

  10. Happy anniversary. Thank you for sharing your sweet story about your first date.
    I love it when an unexpected hug comes from a parishioner. It makes my heart leap with joy.
    Peace and love,

  11. So many good things! Congratulations! And may you and Pure Luck go on to one day celebrate old, old age together.

  12. Congratulations to you and Pure Luck. He earned his nickname the day he met you.

  13. thinking that the princess should choose for herself ๐Ÿ™‚ she’s the one who has to live with it. But she is a princess and beautiful too ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Mazel tov! What a great story!
    BTW…and it’s great how this applies to two of your news items…Fellow Traveler and I love the waiters at our favorite restaurant, The Brass Cafe’ (located in a city near enough to be an easy destination yet far enough away that we don’t have to deal with neighbors, coworkers, co-worshippers, etc.), who also sport black aprons and wine keys. They are friendly but not unctuous, solicitous without being annoying, and stay safely in the background when we’re obviously enjoying a private conversation. A good waiter is worth a good tip.

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