10 thoughts on “Picnic!”

  1. Mow the lawn, fix the garage where a go cart hit it, and float in the pool to wash away the burdens that patients laid at my feet and heart yesterday.


  2. write sermon. finish laundry. finish shopping. finish packing. vacuum house. confirm catsitters. dinner party at church member’s house by 4.
    no problem, right?
    I think I prefer your day–hope you have fun!!


  3. List of catch-up desk work. Walk the dogs. Finish laundry. Grocery shop. Make good dinner (last night the Mr. had Pizza Hut).
    Mainly: not be at work!


  4. Piddle in the yard. Clean and de-clutter some more. Quickie wedding. Grocery shop and cook dinner. Oh, and write a sermon. Not enough time methinks….


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