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Interim Training, Day Two

Skipper keeps busy
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Skipper and I are back from Day Two of Interim Training. As you can see from the photo, knitting continued from Day One. The webcam does not give a very good photo resolution, but let's just say we turned the heel (eye of partridge with a garter edge, very fancy) and picked up the stitches to move on to the foot. (More on the sock when I get home.)

We sat with Charming Episcopal Friend, and she brought us 1 point cake treats!! We love her.

Highlights of the day:

  • Leader: "As Friedman said, 'No act of self-differentiation goes unpunished.'"
    Songbird (to herself): "So, they hate you for being awesome…"
  • Leader insists we place big tent labels on our tables to help him learn names, then laughs at us for returning to those same spots after break-out groups.
  • In a group with three Episcopalians, I struggle not to giggle when they refer to the Canon of Deployment. They have all the best lingo. Seriously.
  • Yet another Episcopalian, in a discussion of discerning a call to Interim Ministry: "I think God includes the practical in helping us discern."
    Songbird (to herself): I hope that's true.
  • Charming Episcopal Friend, in reference to the mostly awful graphics in the Power Point (very, very non-diverse): "The graphics are full of Roman Catholic boys."
    Episcopal Gent with Beard: "They look sad because they're not Episcopalians."
  • It's really easy to have high church envy here. Really.
  • "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."
    True dat.

One more day to go. I have a movie to watch tonight. I hope it wasn't
illegal to bring a Netflix across state lines. Because I think there's
something appropriate about watching "Lars and the Real Girl" with my
new friend, Skipper.

16 thoughts on “Interim Training, Day Two”

  1. Lars and the real girl is so appropriate for a Skipper doll to watch as she’s going to interim ministry training.

  2. We really need a movie, because the cable here lacks both my TV Boyfriends, Olbermann and Stewart.

  3. *sigh*
    Wishin’ now that I hadn’t sold all my Barbies and my Skipper 25 years ago.

  4. No. The “Canon of Deployment?” Stheriously?
    I mean, how many Holy Hand Grenade jokes must have been made about that?
    The things I miss by not having any religion…

  5. I guess they have other words now, but I love the old ways.
    And PG, I gave mine away! Such a silly bird I was.

  6. Lol @”Lars and the Real Girl” and Skipper. I sense Skipper may discern a new calling–possibly even in the Lutheran church. You are the berries, Songbird. Your reportage cracks me up.

  7. I’m enjoying your reports!
    Should I read the newer Friedman book? I have it on my list but don’t know…
    Skipper looks happy with her sockage.

  8. When Carol Gallagher was elected Bishop Suffragen of Southern Virginia, two of her friends created a Bishop Barbie paperdoll to travel with her. I think Skipper must be an Episcopalian, too. We could make her some little acolyte vestments and encourage her to become a Canon of Deployment when she grows up.
    P.S. Don’t you think deployment has an unfortunate militaristic ring to it? It sounds very British Empire.

  9. Snorting coffee through my nose this morning… tee hee hee Songbird! Looks like Skipper is having a blast.

  10. I probably respond to that language because of my years singing “Onward, Christian Soldiers” at St. Agnes School, Ruby. I never got to be an acolyte, but I did learn to genuflect! And I’ve been an Anglican wannabe ever since.
    Skipper says she would love vestments, whatever those are.

  11. For vestment tips, Skipper probably needs to chat with Clergy Barbie, who was last seen with ppb.
    And yes, Lars and the Real Girl is the perfect movie for the two of you to watch together.

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