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Interim Training, Day One

Skipper Goes to a Hotel
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For most of my life, going to a big meeting would have been the source of some anxiety. Would I make friends? Would I sit with the cool kids? Would no one at all pay attention to me?

But in my pastoral effort to be a non-anxious presence–no, let me amend that–a self-differentiated, non-anxious presence, I have actually changed, gentle readers. I have changed such that when I arrive at such an event I no longer think about such things. I trust that the Holy Breeze will blow me where I need to be.

And thus it was today, as I somehow ended up sitting next to a charming Episcopalian in a gorgeous red blouse who had noticed the sign for the Village Traders thrift shop in the church basement. We finished our lunches quickly and hurried down to the shop.

While tempted by a set of rose-colored Limoges china, in the end I merely liberated Skipper. I felt I owed it to her, given the hatchet job haircut I gave to one of her sisters many years ago.

Skipper enjoyed the afternoon session and feels quite prepared to deliver a discourse on church size, preferring the Lyle Schaller model of cat and dog, but wondering if perhaps the arising micro-churches might be Dollhouse Churches? I join her in meditating on this question.

Contemplatively yours,
Songbird and Skipper

20 thoughts on “Interim Training, Day One”

  1. Oh… I see you have that wonderful book, Here IF You Need Me by Kate Braestrup… have you read it? Beloved gave it to me last summer, and I gobbled it up in a day.
    Blessings to you this week!
    Pax, C.

  2. Best right back, MB!
    C, I am reading it, about halfway through. It’s a great book. It’s going to be the RevGal discussion book in September. We held off because the paperback is coming out soon.

  3. When i was a child, my sister and I both had skipper dolls, and we played hours and hours of a barbie story that had them as identical twins.

  4. Congrats on freeing Skipper-bet you could lead that whole conference or maybe just skip out and go the other seminar on Snazzy Summer haircuts entitled “Skizzors for Skipper”

  5. What a great team you and Skipper make!
    Lucky church meeting to have both of you there….

  6. Life is always more fun with an Episcopalian or two, eh?
    Congrats on the Skipper rescue.

  7. Indeed it is, Ruby. Fortunately this group is replete with them!

  8. You’ve got me chuckling… glad you’re enjoying yourself, and Skipper is, too!

  9. Ha! I love Ruby’s comment!
    And that looks like my Skipper from lo these many years ago. Or was she blond? Too long ago…
    Can’t wait to hear more about the conference.

  10. Three lovelies at a Conference – all the other kids wish they could sit at your cool table!!
    diggin’ Ruby’s comment!!

  11. this cracks me up
    and “here if you need me” keeps popping up – guess I better get a copy soon!

  12. Snorting!! I know Skippper is appreciative of the rescue. LOVE, love, love the new look of the blog!!!

  13. It would be so cool to have Skipper as an interim minister. Bible studies by the Barbie pool, pot lucks at the Barbie town house, and of course the upteen million Barbie weddings at the new Barbie church. Now that is a church I’d be proud to join.
    Glad you are having a good time at the interim training conference.
    Peace and love,

  14. Great post – and I LOVE the new blog look! Where have I been? Beautiful.
    I never had a Skipper. Undoubtedly I’m lacking in something due to my misfortune.
    Glad you’re self-differentiating and having a good time.

  15. You know Skipper is just a gateway doll. It is only a matter of time before you’re on the hard stuff like Malibu Barbie or Island Princess Barbie.

  16. Thrift Store in the basement? What a great place for a conference.
    Go back again. Maybe more stuff came in.
    Love the Skipper!

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