Scenes from a Monday Afternoon

From a random bag of bulbs:

In the Beauty of the Lilies

Puss Puss says she is happy we planted flowers, but she wishes someone would help her with the weeding:

Puss Puss in the jungle

And finally, because will smama asked, the new car:

Color Car-ordination

Why, yes, it is a little matchy with my house!

(Click the pictures for larger views at Flickr.)

14 thoughts on “Scenes from a Monday Afternoon”

  1. True to Paul’s comments in Romans 7 about “the law seducing the flesh”… I covet your flowers, your cat and your adorable house and matching car!

  2. You have a cat that weeds?! I may need to change my view getting a cat…

  3. What pretty pictures! I bet the weather is much nicer there then here in Texas. I think we made it to tripple digits today.

  4. your house matches your car? *shakes head in wonder* you do tie it altogether!!

  5. Nice car!
    Tell Puss Puss to find some geese and invite them over. I am told they are wonderful weeders.

  6. Congrats on the new car! And on having a cat who will pose for photos, if not weed the garden. Without help.

  7. You have a cat that weeds, do you want to switch and take my cat that only supervises when I’m in the garden.
    Like the car, it makes sense that it would match your house.

  8. You have a cat that weeds, mine only supervises when I’m in the garden. Never lifts a paw to help but will order me about as she pleases.
    Congrats on the new car. It makes sense that it would match your house. Now if you bought a house to match your car I would begin to worry.

  9. Hope your conference gives you great ideas!
    Puss Puss is very attractive.
    What a beautiful blue wagon! Woo! Woo!
    Happy for you!

  10. My kitty looks so much like Puss Puss!
    And, wow…do you know how to accessorize! or what!?

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