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Ten Things I’ve Been Thankful for at Church This Weekend

Mary Beth has us thinking about Thankfulness, and after a full weekend at church, I have a long list from that part of my life alone:

  1. Seeing faces for the fourth time in four days: people who hulled
    strawberries and picked lobster on Thursday, attended the parade or
    rode on our float or cooked and sold food on Friday, came to a
    memorial service or prepared for the reception after on Saturday and
    returned again for worship and setting up coffee hour today, still
  2. "I love the way you tie everything together with–EVERYTHING!"
  3. "When I die, I'm going to have Cy call you to do the funeral."
  4. The family of seven from Toronto, of Korean ancestry, and the mom's beautiful soprano singing "This is My Song, O God of all the nations."
  5. The Presbyterian minister from Georgia (but glad I didn't know there was a colleague in the crowd until after, makes me nervous!) and the family from Maryland who "always" worship with us on vacation and can't wait for next week's Bean Supper
  6. A hearty chuckle when I mentioned Three Dog Night and 8-track tapes
  7. Revised lyrics to "This Land is Your Land" which we sang at the Offertory, on the theme of "this church is our church," including references to diamond islands and our beloved mud flats
  8. The toes of a baby I will baptize in two weeks
  9. Breaking the bread to give to each person
  10. A silver teaspoon with the image of the previous church building on it, a reminder that we are so much more than the physical plant, that there have been previous incarnations and there is room for more light and truth to break forth yet!

3 thoughts on “Ten Things I’ve Been Thankful for at Church This Weekend”

  1. Great list, songbird! there’s truly a lot to be thankful for in ministry!

  2. Yes, I love the way you tie everything together with EVERYTHING, too!

  3. LOVE this list, esp “i’ll call you to do Cy’s funeral!

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