Happy Camper

The wood one
Snowman is at Land o' Lakes Summer Camp in the wilds of Mitten-Shaped State, for six weeks of pretty intense music. Upon arrival, he had a placement audition that gave him a chair for the first two weeks, and he was disappointed in the results. Despite that, he has been working hard, and last night he called to say that for the second two week block, he will be first chair clarinet in this group.

He may also be "called up" to the orchestra to play auxiliary parts (E flat or Bass Clarinet), though that is yet to be determined.

He is a Happy Camper!!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Camper”

  1. Hooray for Snowman! I remember being very disappointed by (my performance in) placement auditions. I’m glad he got a second chance and that it went well!


  2. My first audition didn’t go well either. We had challenges every week for all 8 of the weeks I was there, though, and things got better. They really do make you work hard at that place! Hooray for the snowman!! 🙂


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