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Scorching Ray

Today I took the third dose of methotrexate to treat my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I guess there are a number of ways it's dosed, but I'm taking one dose per week, 7 little salmon colored pills, all at once, with food. They're little, and they're easy enough to swallow, not like the big fish oil capsules and lysine tablets I'm taking, too.

They're little, and they're easy to swallow, and they represent hope, hope that I will feel better soon, that I will avoid deformities, that I will be "myself" again, at least approximately.

They also come with possible side effects: mouth sores (that's what the Lysine helps prevent, for the most part so far I've just had prickling, except when I eat something spicy, which is easy enough to stop doing, so I have), thinning hair (not so far, and fortunately I have a lot of hair) and nausea.

Nausea is not my best event. I have a morbid fear of vomiting. So I wondered what would happen on the day after taking the medicine, which was predicted to be the worst day.

And I got an unpleasant feeling in my stomach, but it wasn't the sort of queasy I expected. At dinner last night, our first meal with #1 Son since he returned from an out-of-town job, I tried to explain it.

I turned to that great source of metaphors, Dungeons and Dragons, casting my mind back to the day when I was Trillium Giantsbane, a 5th level Druid with a full complement of fascinating spells.

"I think it's like Fireball," I said, "sort of a feeling of hot metal in my stomach."

"Fireball is more of a dispersal spell that affects a general area," #1 Son said, and our resident Dungeon Master, Pure Luck, concurred.

20 sided die gold
"Well, I don't know what else to call it," I said.

"It sounds more like Scorching Ray," my son told me helpfully.

Scorching Ray: Blasts a target with fiery rays, doing 4d6 fire damage on impact.

THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!

I guess the real question is, is there a Saving Throw against it?

And if so, can I make it?

12 thoughts on “Scorching Ray”

  1. You have so very much out-geeked me on this one! But I have friends and relations who could tell you.

  2. the *real* saving throw is folic acid and/or leucovorin calcium
    and, fwiw, cheerios has 50% of the rda for folic acid
    and, over time, the side effects faded for me

  3. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but you’re cracking me up anyway.
    Thanks for this blog.

  4. It all depends on how well you roll.
    Your post reminds me of how much I miss playing dungeons and dragons. I had a great group of folk that I played with in my hometown, now we’re scattered across the United States. Perhaps I can start something online….hmmmm….
    Peace and love,

  5. Oh. My. Goddess.
    The name’s Gwynhyffar. Druid, 3rd level (so not nearly as many cool spells as you.)
    I think Vicar has some good saving throws here…
    you’re in my prayers, friend. And I’m just tickled to meet another geeky D & D loving friend…

  6. There are some really great meds now for nausea for chemo patients. Prior to these drugs the nausea was unbelievable. I am prone to nausea and hate it, so these drugs have been a godsend. I take Klimex (or something like that) three times and then I have another prescription. I hope there is something similar for you. You are in my prayers.

  7. If you find out the saving throw – please forward to me, I can always use one. I get the side affects the same day as taking the pill. The next day is just a little pain.

  8. I always wanted to play D&D when I was a kid, but no one in my little farming community was similarly inclined toward the geek side. Now I’m even more jealous. Your family ROCKS.

  9. ooohhh – we could’ve started a d&d trend on the RGBE ship!! The boyz were so amazed that I could speak “Pokemon” once I realized it was just a kids version of d&d!!
    I have a tendency toward mouthsores that is kept at bay by Listerine Whitening mouthrinse. It’s peroxide based. Don’t know if it would help you or not though.

  10. I’m afraid you’ve out-geeked me here. My son could no doubt help.
    I too have a morbid fear of Teh Vomit. *shudders* Here’s hoping the meds work well and quickly.

  11. What the?
    No experience with D&D whatsoever.
    But, hey, the family that geeks together…

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