Overheard at Dog Dinner Time

Pure Luck (engaged in the alchemical preparations for feedings the dogs, opens a can): It's Duck tonight. I'll have to add cheese to it.

Songbird (puzzled): Why? Doesn't Molly like the duck?

Pure Luck: No, she likes it. But it's traditional.

Songbird (now perplexed): I don't understand.

Pure Luck: How else could you have Cheese and Quackers?

14 thoughts on “Overheard at Dog Dinner Time”

  1. Um.
    Well, that’s not exactly why I married him.
    Maybe it’s a perk?
    No, that’s not quite right.

  2. …just kidding! (bad puns run in my family. all the men create them. it’s hereditary.)

  3. Yes, Pure Luck. We be down with it. You have feathered your nest for the night!!

  4. So it made me snort rather than laugh. Which then made me laugh. Hee hee hee.

  5. Well now that the duck pun has made it onto the internet you could say its a webbed feat.

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