Mail Call

At the top of my list of things to do this Monday is go to the Post Office. I need to mail several packages.

  1. Mail Call 003
    The famous socks won in the Auction at Main Street Church last fall, finally finished AND blocked. It's hard to air dry socks in a week where there are thunderstorms every single day, so they are delayed even a bit more than I had hoped. (pattern "Monkey" as found at Knitty, with an adjustment to the heel; Artyarns Ultramerino 4, Colorway 144)
  2. A little envelope of goodies for Zorra, long overdue from a swap organized by Mindy. I am grateful that she understood my tardiness.
  3. Mail Call 004
    A pretty bracelet I purchased from an Etsy store that broke on first wearing; the creator has offered to repair it, so I am shipping it back across country to her. I love it because it's purple and has a songbird charm. The designer calls the bracelet "Winter Troubador." It was a bummer to have it crack up! I fully believe I did something wrong and am giving her wares another try, having ordered some earrings more recently. (I must add that a pair of earring ordered from another Etsy store at the same time never arrived. I'm reconsidering my use of Etsy except for stores owned by people I know.)
  4. Pink earrings
    Like Mindy!! I have a beautiful pair of earrings from her store, and another on the way, the latter picture here. Go
  5. A surprise for St. Casserole. (No pictures: it's a SURPRISE!) In addition to the surprise are two sweaters to add to her felting pile, long-promised and never sent, because life has been like that. One is a cashmere sweater with a moth hole in a pretty light blue. The other is the remains of a failed knitting project in a gorgeous alpaca yarn. I hope they will make happy stuffies or charming pouches.
  6. Mail Call 006
    Two skeins of ArtYarns Ultramerino4 in a gorgeous purple and black colorway (138), going out to redzils, who left comment #1000!!!
  7. An actual letter to Snowman at camp. I signed up for BunkNotes, but I have a goal to send real mail, too. I realize this is not actually a package, but it's on my list. He is only allowed to receive one package the whole six weeks, and it cannot contain food. We are waiting for a book a friend is sending him, hoping it will arrive here in time to have at camp. But the book is coming from Korea, so it may not get here soon enough.

Are you mailing things today?

19 thoughts on “Mail Call”

  1. My children’s 2007 income taxes. Yep, I am running a little late and resenting the heck out of the idea that they must file taxes.

  2. Sending back a Netflix DVD, if I can find the envelope. And I need to send out some Paperback Swap books, but I may just be too lazy to wrap them this morning.
    Only ONE package? That’s pretty stingy.

  3. one package?!?!?! That’s insane. I distinctly remember receiving a package a week when I was at the IAC. dang. They’ve gotten strict as well as making camp shorter. Crazy.
    Have fun at the post office!

  4. I guess they were suffering helicoptering parent package abuse! I can’t imagine what people were sending. You can’t send food, and they are supposed to be without their electronics, for the most part. But with 2500 campers, even one package per week could be an awful lot.

  5. Actually, mailing things (as opposed to letters or bills) is one of the things I tend to put off and put off. I am very bad about it. I am very impressed by your industry!

  6. I must admit I haven’t gone yet. I was waiting for the sock address. Now I have something in the oven, so I will go later in the afternoon.
    But, yes, this is one of those things I put off, too. I know it will feel good to say, “That’s done!”

  7. Only one package and no food? Wow.
    I guess once they changed the uniform rules (shorts–pshaw! cordoroy knickers on 90+ days–now that’s real camping!) they decided to toughen up on packages.
    When I was a counselor there the kids got as many packages as they wanted, but counselors were not allowed to receive packages at camp. We had to go to the post office to pick them up.
    It is a lot of people to inflict upon a small town!

  8. No mail today. Just getting things ready to mail. Nothing spectacular.
    No food in the camp package? Somehow that just doesn’t seem fair.

  9. Okay, I did everything except write a letter to Snowman. I decided that he will have to live with the email “Bunknotes” since I paid for them in one big fee. We’ll think of some sort of care package for him later during camp, whether the Korean book gets here or not!

  10. they don’t wear knickers anymore? what is the place coming to?
    I loved wearing knickers, actually, even when it was hot. They were surprisingly comfortable–I almost stole mine and took them home. Then I found out how much they charged if you did that, and I thought the better of it. But I still have blue knee socks in my drawer!

  11. I am the world’s worst about actually mailing things–online bill paying is a real godsend for me. But I did address two things that I HOPE will get in the mail tomorrow!

  12. I did not mail anything, but I received mail. 2 Packages of Gevalia Coffee for my husband, A new steam mop for my daughter. I also oogles over my new goodies that came in a box on Saturday – 4 new knitting books – I will be a whiz at this some day when I have knitted everything.

  13. Just boring work-related stuff…pre-appointment parent questionnaires, that sort of thing. But I received my copy of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle! And I’m looking forward to receiving something else that’s fun! 😉 (SB)

  14. oh! I have boxes of shoes to return that I’ve been carrying around in my car for TWO WEEKS. Why cant I be all efficient like cheese at these things?

  15. Wow, the soon-to-be-mine yarn is gorgeous, and I am honored to be on the package list!

  16. One of the perks of my job is being able to mail stuff-even packages-from there. We have a postage machine and each of us has an account on it. We get a “bill” once a quarter for our personal postage and copying. I’m much better at getting birthday presents and swaps mailed now that I work here.

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