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Book #26: Home

Julie Andrews
She starred in the first movie I ever saw in a theatre, "Mary Poppins."

When I was five, I had my hair cut just like hers in "The Sound of Music."

I spent many of my elementary school years in a fantasy world based on the Von Trapp family.

I learned to sing listening over and over again to the original Broadway cast recording of "My Fair Lady," and it is so thoroughly burned into my brain that the London cast recording I purchased on CD ten years ago still sounds "wrong" to me (though she prefers it).

So you won't be surprised to hear that I love Julie Andrews. I sat through the Princess Diary movies mostly to see her. She is one of my favorite things about Shrek the Third. And because I knew nothing about her childhood, I was excited to read her memoir, "Home: A Memoir of My Early Years." It was one of the first books I downloaded to my new Kindly, and I read it over the past week.

It's ironic that a woman who came to represent the essence of home, getting the Banks and Von Trapp families to retract themselves from the brink of destruction, actually had a screwy homelife herself. I won't go into detail. But that tendency to be the organizing force came naturally to her.

I found the childhood parts painful to read, the Broadway and London stage parts irresistible, so for me the pace of the book picked up later. This book ends just before she began filming Mary Poppins. I think the voice sounds very much hers, influenced by years of being theatrical. This is not a world-changing book, but it was worth reading if you are a fan.

KINDLE UPDATE: Reading on the Kindle was great. I'm still figuring out the ratio of font to eyeballs and font to page turn (more text takes longer to rearrange, so it may be faster to read in larger font, even though that means more page "turns"–still experimenting). I am really grateful to have it as holding a book continues to be an issue with my stiff fingers; although they are better than a month ago, the persistent exertion needed to hold a book is just not a good thing at the moment.

9 thoughts on “Book #26: Home”

  1. I’m happy you have a Kindly.
    I memorized all the Sound of Music lyrics as a little girl, too.
    Julie is a favorite of mine, too.

  2. thanks! I’m like you! Mary Poppins was one of my first movies (not the first: that was 101 Dalmatians — at a drive-in, with my parents). And I have loved Julie Andrews.

  3. I stood in B&N and skimmed this book; maybe now I’ll read the whole thing.
    I just have to tell you though, that I too loved Mary Poppins–when I had the measles my dad bought me the soundtrack to listen to b/c I loved it so much (and that was not a usual thing for him to). And I loved SoM and the von Trapp family. When I was in 7th grade I got Maria von Trapp’s book “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers” and loved, loved , loved the story. Many years later when I moved to VT I went to visit her grave, and that of the baron and a few of her kids. And there is little chapel up the mountain that I can imagine her going to. Now I know that doesn’t have much to do with Julie Andrews, except that when I read your post it just brings it all back…

  4. Your review was so much better than mine. I think those of us our age love Julie Andrews. When I read her book, I felt like I could hear her talk the book while I read it — sort of like reading the book with a British accent.

  5. Oh, I love her. I sang along with the Sound of Music movie soundtrack.
    Isn’t it a shame that she had to stop singing?

  6. Count me among the Julie Andrews fans! 🙂 I also liked the book, although I read the lower tech paper version!
    Thanks for the Kindle update… still tempted. 🙂

  7. Gonna have to read that one! I’ve loved her since my mother saw “The Sound of Music” with me in utero. My family watched it together every time it came on TV, and I’d have followed Maria to the end of the earth because of Julie.

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