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Details, details

This is the day, I hope.

After much backing and forthing on what sort of car might replace my well-worn and over-repaired Volvo wagon, I decided last week to go with a newer (but not new) version of the same thing. I was close to going with the Prius, but decided it was too great an outlay and that someone in our family needs a vehicle that will hold both dogs along with more than two people.

The car is ready to be picked up, but there is one last impediment.

I cannot find the title to my current car.

I paid cash for it in 2001. Well, not cash, a check, but in other words, they gave me the title–or the application for it–on the spot.

I guess that means the actual title came later in the mail, but I cannot remember clearly.

Where in the world did I imagine was a safe place for an important piece of paper circa my 40th birthday?

It occurs to me that I used the upstairs computer room as my workspace in those days–or did I? Wait, no. I had a computer desk in the corner of my bedroom, for this was pre-Pure Luck, or at least pre-residential Pure Luck. He was the interesting, and perhaps significant, other.

Oh, wow.

Seven years is a long time. I lived here with three children, aged 15, 10 and 5. Can that be right? I bought a wagon because I had all those kids. I had no dogs. I had FOUR cats. Four. Lord. I wanted a wagon with a sunroof and a third seat. Pure Luck had watched me pressing on the roof of my car, wishing for one, and thought I was an odd creature. He was probably right about that.

The computer desk is long gone. The children are all taller than I am. The car is coated with dog hair. One of the dogs chewed on something related to the third seat latch, so it doesn't work anymore.

I want to trade it in before some part that needs repairing/replacing simply falls off in the driveway.

Who is that saint one prays to for lost things?

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  1. Anthony.
    But I always use the little known St. Zita (ZEEta). She is the patron saint of lost keys, but I’ve found she works on everything. Have a sincere heart, ask for help, yada, yada. Then go back to all the places you’ve looked and it’s usually in one of those.
    I sound like a lunatic now don’t I? (Shrug shoulders) it works.
    It’s weird to think how somehting as basic as a car reflects our lives at the time. Our van had rear air because I had toddlers and babies when we bought it, and I didn’t want them overheating. It broke years ago, and I’ve never fixed it, becaue they are far more hardy school children and teenagers.
    I hope you find it.

  2. No luck in the computer room, but I figured that was a long shot. I did find both my sheepskin from the College of Knowledge (dusty with age) and my ANTS degree and Ordination Certificate, all in need of framing or re-framing. That’s something, I guess.

  3. Just get one-a those “I can’t find the title” forms from the DMV.
    I hope Molly gets her wish!

  4. “St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come ’round/
    Something’s lost that can’t be found.”
    Good luck, but it sounds as if you’re finding interesting things in the interim. And KathyR’s right, even if that solution takes time.

  5. We keep our “important stuff” in a plain vanilla (manila) envelope in my desk. Sadly, the envelope is not made of lead and gets moved around a lot, so when I lose the title to my car, I also lose the kid’s birth certificates and all our passports.
    Few things bring on a little nutty quicker than this.
    I think I need a new system!
    Will the new Volvo be made of solid gold?

  6. Oh my friend. The number of vital things I’ve lost that I am convinced are in “safe” places…Thank goodness there is the “help i’ve lost the form” option, should it come to the crunch!

  7. Wondering if you have to show the title when you pay your car excise tax each year to register it. Maybe in a folder with that stuff?
    When Pure Luck is not off working in other states, does he have down time at home? could he maybe spend some of it organizing all the files? I did this when we moved here. A big help, weekly or biweekly filing of new stuff that comes, and no freakouts when things are needed.
    But for now, St. Anthony or the “Help I’ve lost it” form sound good. (We had a Volvo sw once. It died because of a leaky oil pan. When the “I’ll buy old Volvos” guy came to tow it away, cordeliaknits sat on the back steps weeping “I want the car! I want the car!”)

  8. I echo St. Anthony, and the manilla envelope system. Where are your passport, birth certificate and insurance papers?

  9. This has felt like an archaeological dig. I found one set of things from 2001, but not the title. I thought about how I have the passports in a kitchen drawer, and remembered that it was 2002 when we re-did the kitchen. The old drawers are, I kid you not, out in the garage, and there were still papers in one of them. But they were plopped in those drawers when I moved into the house in 1998, so that was not the place. (Did find some other stuff that if not crucial to have is at least of historic family interest.)
    Meanwhile, the car salesman says they will take care of it at the dealership, so I am spared the trip to Motor Vehicles, thankfully.

  10. knittinpreacher, passports in the new top kitchen drawer, birth certificates in a file folder currently on the dining room table, previously on a shelf in Pure Luck’s office, all headed for a manila envelope.
    Insurance papers? I’ll think about that tomorrow…

  11. I sold a car without the title (lost it as well). My drivers license ID and the registration were sufficient. Don’t know if that works in your state, but you can call the dealer. See if it does.
    Meanwhile, St. Anthony will be on alert!

  12. so you found the sheepskin, did you find the translation? :> I delighted in telling Dad he had paid for 4 years of education and I couldn’t even read the diploma!

  13. The translation was with it. My parents had it mounted on the back when framed! But somewhere along the line it fell, the glass broke, and I never had it put back together. This time I will!
    No, really!

  14. Just blogging that it’s lost should help:)
    I want a sunroof in my next car (however many years that might be away). That (and decent cupholders) are all my current car lack.

  15. oy! st. anthony… st. christopher is for protection enroute while travelling once in spiffy new volvo.

  16. Dang, I hate it when I misplace things like that! At least I know of maybe two or three places it has to be. Glad they can take care of it for you so you can get your new ride! Can’t wait to see photos!

  17. I’m glad that you have been spared a trip to the DMV. In the meantime, Anthony will probably drop the title in your lap a week after the dust settles on the deal. (Perhaps I deal with his lesser known cousin, Antny (that’s how it’s pronounced in my family).
    Pax, C.

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