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Random Bullets of Saturday, Including Books #24 and 25

  • Chi weather
    Snowman got as far as Beantown Airport, where his flight is mightily delayed due to weather at an airport that is now officially my worst enemy.
  • That's only 3 hours and twenty minutes late.
  • The 4:50 flight left early.
  • Sigh.
  • I believe I said not only "goodbye" (to end the call) but also "thank you" (because I am reflexively socialized) to an automated operator at United.
  • Because he is on his way to camp, rather than school, he is traveling without his computer or — gasp! — his iPod!
  • Since we consider the iPod to be his musical prosthetic device, we wonder how he will survive the many hours of waiting.
  • Yes, he has a book.
  • A book is not the same.
  • At.
  • All.
  • Not to Snowman, anyway.
  • The one time we planned another route, he ended up on a bus from Detroit to Traverse City when the wind in TVC was too bad for a plane to land.
  • And going back from spring break, he spent the night at O'Hare.
  • Can we get a break here?
  • Fortunately, Land O'Lakes Arts Camp is, just like the Arts Academy, equipped to deal with travel and weather emergencies.
  • Meanwhile, to take my mind off his departure, I went with Pure Luck to see "Get Smart."
  • Enjoyable. 
  • Almost no one goes to the movies at 11:20 a.m., in case you were wondering.
  • I could almost have a crush on Dwayne Johnson (aka "The Rock"), if I were not afraid Pure Luck will stop taking me to the movies.
  • Iron_man_movie_image_robert_downey_jr_as_tony_stark_s
    (Remind me not to tell you how much I enjoyed the star of "Iron Man," okay?)
  • (I really don't know how that picture made it into this post.)
  • In the mail I got a letter from my denomination's health plan, a heads up that they will be calling me to help me learn to manage my newly diagnosed illness.
  • I am glad to know they have this program of support.
  • I am not so glad to be eligible for it.
  • On the Book Challenge Front, #24 was Elizabeth George's Careless in Red.
  • Mysteries are great on the Kindle!! So light to hold and carry around!!
  • I also read Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off, #25, which I enjoyed, and it is a good example of a book that would be no good on the Kindle, since a great deal of its appeal is in the special fonts and formatting.
  • Both books are linked in the sidebar.
  • I  am working on a book I need to finish before Interim Training in early July, and it is hard to hold, which is a bummer.
  • Fortunately the chapters are short.
  • I am keeping it in the bathroom and try to pick up a chapter every time, well, you see what I mean.
  • Earlier in the week, uncertain about how I would tolerate my new medication, I made plans to re-purpose my last sermon on this week's Genesis text.
  • Now it doesn't seem like such a great idea, though the general theme is okay.
  • So I think I need to stop writing this list and work on that instead.
  • But first, a little coffee seems to be in order.
  • Also, Molly asks me to tell you there is funder, which, as she has told you all before, "is NO Fun!!

9 thoughts on “Random Bullets of Saturday, Including Books #24 and 25”

  1. Egads. If you had that hand thing (from the photo) you could:
    *kick butt and take names with the airlines and the weather)
    *hold any number of books with the greatest of ease!
    *surely make Molly feel better (PAT, PAT, PAT) (oh, wait, that mashed her into the floor, nevermind)
    Sorry for the funders, Molly…

  2. I have never once gotten into or out of that airport on schedule. And I don’t think my campers ever did either. Ooh, he’ll be living on the boy’s lake which is so much prettier than he girl’s lake (the academy is on girl’s lake side) but no computer and no ipod might be torturous for a young man.
    Sorry, miss molly!
    My kitties don’t like funder much either.

  3. Mary Beth, you made me laugh! Thank you!!
    ppb, he found out he could go to the listening rooms in the library, and that was a great relief.

  4. Gosh, Mary Beth, what’d I ever do to you?
    Funder is bad.

  5. Funder here too. I think I was not a good girl, I wouldn’t come out of daddy’s closet when he called me. I was too scared. I’m OK now, though.
    Mama says, that’s HER movie boyfriend! You can have Clive Owen instead. Maybe.
    And she thinks those nice caring people at your health plan are mostly interested in “helping” your doctors “manage” the number of claims they file for you. She says she’s cynical that way. Whatever that means.
    Love to you and Molly and Sam,

  6. It was good to hear your voice tonight, even if I called you for a hurried and harried conversation. Thanks for helping us track down MB. 🙂
    And poor Molly and Amie! I hope the no-funders are over in both places.

  7. I thought of you the other day when I saw a “book chair” in Barnes and Noble–it looks like a little beach chair and it holds your book…not so great when you want to curl up on the couch, but it might be useful sometimes.
    Molly, I don’t like funder either!

  8. I do not need a Kindle. I do not need a Kindle. I have (no kidding) maybe 100, 150 not-yet-read books stacked up around here. I most definitely do not need a Kindle. But, oh, I waaaaant.
    Yeah, I wonder how fast that Iron Songbird hand could knit up some socks.
    And we here in the parched will-it-ever-be-under-100-again land, would like some funder. Really, we would.

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