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Off My Conscience

Last fall I offered up a pair of hand-knit socks in the auction at Main Street Church. A wonderful church member won them, and after some consultation about colors, I purchased some beautiful ArtYarns Ultramerino while on my post-Christmas trip to the Gulf Coast. In the post-holiday frenzy of school-themed mitten and scarf-knitting, I delayed starting the socks until February. At the end of the month, I had a flare of tendinitis, then by the end of March I was deep into a flare of RA, though I did not yet know what the heck was the problem with my sore, stiff, swollen fingers (and toes, but while stiff toes are irritating, they really cannot be blamed for messing with my knitting, can they?).

Those socks have been on my conscience, and as soon as I had a little relief from stiffness, I picked them up again, knitting a little bit at a time.

I carried a big bag of knitting possibilities with me to the Conference Annual Meeting, a see-through bag from that Gulf Coast yarn shop. I had the socks, one completed and the other needing only the toe to join its mate. I sat outside with my friend, Wise Cellist, and began the decrease. But first she ooh-ed and ah-ed with me over the other yarn in my bag, the Brown Sugar sock yarn from Yarn Pirate and the other ArtYarns colorway from my December shopping spree. It's good to have a friend who understands the knitting, both technically (she offered to "read" the first toe for me when I couldn't remember if I had followed the pattern, isn't she awesome?) and spiritually. Knitting is contemplative and transcendent and creative and purposeful (mostly), and I love it.

During the first Plenary, I grafted the toe and wove in the ends. Such a feeling of satisfaction and relief! (I'll post pictures after I block them.)

Which relief was followed almost immediately by the joy of casting on some very sweet Koigu yarn (lavenders and blues) purchased at Quarterstitch in New Orleans, just before the RevGalBlogPals' Big Event. I think these may be for my feet, because those sore toes deserve a treat, don't they?

8 thoughts on “Off My Conscience”

  1. You could almost make me want to pick up some needles and learn! Almost. :c)

  2. What a great story…a little at a time. Yes, yes.
    And I know you are happy to have those socks ready for their winner, and to be on to fresh fields and pastures new. The Koigu is delicious.

  3. Oh they do, they do!
    I don’t think there is ANYWHERE in the UK like Quarterstitch, or if there is I don’t know where to start looking…have sadly finished the wool I bought the day we got back, and with it have lost the urge to knit pro tem – so it’s back to tapestry. Or possibly back to the sermon?!

  4. Congrats on finishing the second sock!
    I feel a similar contemplative peace when I sew. It’s a wonderful way to calm down and listen during meetings although it may look odd to see me with bits of felted wool made into pouches or stuffies.
    Will you go with me to the Quarterstitch again later this year? I’d love it!

  5. I didn’t see you at the Annual Meeting (which I thought was the best I’ve attended; did you too? UMF was a much more suitable environs for a bunch of UCC people than any Grand Resort anywhere, methought) and I had hoped I would. Glad to hear you were there, AND KNITTING! The “Grace Knitting” workshop was a lot of fun, and the 11 youth who learned/relearned how to knit were a reminder of the wonder of creating things, during meetings, with one’s hands!

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