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Well, That’s Just Wrong

Michael Chertoff (or as we call him at our house, Jafar) is on TV talking about the tornadoes in Iowa and says:

"It's just a tragic act of God."

And Snowman responds:

"Is that just code for 'I don't know how to do my job?'"

And I want to know:

Is Chertoff *that* well-connected? Because if so, I may be in trouble.

Seriously, though, the tornado that killed four Boy Scouts was not an act of God. Tragic? Yes. Act of God? No way. And I don't understand how people who think that way can worship that God. It defeats me.

10 thoughts on “Well, That’s Just Wrong”

  1. Ack. Is that supposed to make it all better? I’m always taken aback that sometimes people find that kind of theology helpful.

  2. No, it’s code for “the insurance companies are not going to pay for rebuilding your homes.” Whenever insurance people don’t want to pay for something they really should cover, they declare that it was caused by an “act of God” and therefore is something they won’t help you with.

  3. I saw the same thing and said aloud (although there was there to hear), “That’s not an act of God. It’s an act of nature.” To take it one step further, it’s an act of nature that’s been altered by mankind. The Queen song, “Is This the World We Created?” seems somehow apropos.
    And here I sit in Illinois directly in the path of those storms (we’re again under a Tornado Watch, which sounds way more dramatic than it actually is), with Wisconsin’s floodwaters now swelling all of our creeks and rivers while our own soil too saturated to soak any of it up. Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana have been so hard hit it’s almost unfathomable (even Minnesota and Illinois have had some flooding and a few tornadoes, but nothing of the same magnitude). Houses swept away by tornadoes and floodwaters, a flooded raging river causing a train bridge collapsing into a river, and worst of all Boy Scouts killed and injured. I’ve lived in Tornado Alley my entire life and have never seen a summer this bad – and summer doesn’t even begin for another week or two.

  4. I totally came over to say it was about insurance, but Katharine beat me to it!
    And of course to say: Jafar! heehee…

  5. Just remember that Jafar is from the same agency that has decided that ICE is a LUXURY ITEM after a hurricane. Act of God, my ass. Act of nature, and a response of evil.
    I hate FEMA.

  6. That comment has always mystified me too. “Act of God?” Seriously? Seriously. Please.

  7. Amen to that! It never ceases to amaze me the bad theology that gets expressed in the media. So sad, because so many hear it and think that’s what Christians believe.

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