Chez Songbird


Shorthand blogging for a long day, which included:

Waking early
Stretching hands carefully
Petting cat
Pilling dog
Driving to the church
Bringing Molly along
Realizing I forgot dog cookies
Studying the passages for Sunday by
Talking with three colleagues
Conferring with the Administrator
Receiving Friendship Bread starter from church member
Shopping for dog treats
Visiting the polls
Managing to sneak Molly into the high school
Returning phone calls
Choosing Sunday's hymns
Driving home by an unusual route and
Catching a glimpse of Pure Luck and Snowman on a run
Eating lunch
Finishing a report for Conference Annual Meeting
Walking with neighbor
Shopping for groceries with children
Reading Elizabeth George on Kindle
Supervising nacho preparation
Baking Friendship Bread
Eating dinner
Knitting a little on big needles
Watching Lost DVD from Season 2 with kids
Losing numerous games of Scrabulous

And soon, no doubt:
Collapsing in a little heap


12 thoughts on “-ing”

  1. You were very busy ing-ing today. Just one item left over for tomorrow…….

  2. Oh, ’round here we call that ENEMY bread – why would you do a thing like that to your friends? But sounds like you got it at the end stages, when it doesnt require so much babysittING…

  3. Hard to believe you could sneak Molly in anywhere! But then she must be very well-behaved.It actually looks as though you had a pretty well-balanced day, spending time with family, work, dog, and at least a little bit for yourself.

  4. Mercy you had a busy day. My day was not that busy, nor will be today. Perhaps it should be.

  5. You make me feel such a lazy bones! Hope that today, for all the balance of its predecessor, is a little less relentless

  6. WOW…busy day but it looked nice. How in the world did you sneak Molly in?
    Wait until you get to season 3!!

  7. All that inging involved a little more movement than I read about the last time I was able to check blogs. I hope this means they are finding medication that works for you. You are in my prayers.

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