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A Mass of Human Frizz

It's a hot, hot day in June, or hot by our standards in Vacationland, and while it could be hotter, it is awfully humid. And in the humidity, my hair rises to a standard of bigness that can only be called "Texas," according to my dear friend St. Casserole.

Yes, I have humidity hair today, big hair, hair I described to someone as a "mass of humid frizz."

But that person misheard me. That person heard, "a mass of HUMAN frizz."

And it is possible to be just that, is it not? When we don't feel settled in ourselves, when we are on the point of decisions that have no clear answers, when the background noise of our lives is incomplete or undefined.

Sometimes there are two good choices, or no good choices, n'est-ce pas?

Sometimes we feel frizzled, upset in the mind or the heart or even the tummy by what we expect might come next or by having no idea what it will be.

Eh, voila! A Mass of Human Frizz.

And so this afternoon I am thinking about those who find themselves part of that mass of human frizz: installing recalcitrant software or reaching for the impossibly high ATM, starting new jobs or sitting at bedsides, reframing or reforming relationships, considering possibilities and seeming impossibilities, too.  I can't enumerate the too-private matters that fuel these prayers, not here, but I imagine you all know the frizzled sort of feeling I mean. What can settle it?

This afternoon I poured a Pepsi into a big plastic cup and left it in the freezer until it got slushy. The symptoms of human frizz for me on this humid day included the upset stomach, but I realize now I hoped it would settle something else, that the combination of texture and sweetness and effervescence would be energizing, refreshing me like a web-page, re-loading the concerns of the day and perhaps making more sense of them.

Most of the time the best thing I can do is stop doing all the things I hope will be helpful. Most of the time the best thing I can do is set it all down this way, in a sort of prayer, a letting go and a lifting up of the remaining mass of human frizz.

8 thoughts on “A Mass of Human Frizz”

  1. That is exactly–exactly–how I am feeling today.
    How did you know?

  2. Hot, muggy, and humid. I like the idea of the slushy Pepsi. Hope both you and Cheesehead are feeling better….I am in the air conditioning!

  3. ah… well we all have “tricks” to get thru those times. i spent the day dusting, polishing woodwork, and boxing up unused dishes for the goodwill… hoping to manage the exterior, while the interior knows some things only God can handle…

  4. oh, yeah! I’ve been feeling like a big frizzball a lot lately!
    That Pepsi slushie you made- yum!

  5. I will add “human frizz” to my list of how to describe life. Good one, Songbird!
    I swelter in heat. I live through Summer after Summer with humid, messy heat.
    I would like to stop complaining about the heat but it seems impossible.
    We have Pepsi in the house this week, too!

  6. Ha! Those Texas girls got nothing on us Jersey girls. Big hair R us. And humid drama, too.

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