Airport Blogging

I no longer expect anything to be where it is scheduled to be when it is scheduled to be there. This extends to car services and airplanes, but better not extend to immediate family members who will pick me up at City By the Sea Jetport later.

I would like to be well on my way home, where rumor has it there is a 7th grade social crisis to be faced, and at the very least a middle school dance to be survived. Although the other parent stepped in, I feel pretty useless sitting here admiring the time warp architecture at LaGuardia.

At least my sermon is getting written.

And there is a Boingo hotspot.

And Amazon offered free downloads of the first two Julia Spencer-Fleming mysteries.

Still, I would rather be home.

Catch you on the flip side, whenever that may be.

5 thoughts on “Airport Blogging”

  1. Oh, NO, for the 7th grade social crisis and the mama preparing to face it. You have my heart and all my prayers.

  2. Those Julia Spencer-Fleming mysteries sound neat! I might have to check those out.
    I hope the meeting and your time in the Big Apple was good, and of course, I hope the impending crisis passes with less, rather than more pain.

  3. …..maybe someone at that airport needs to meet you?
    Cool about the JSF mysteries!

  4. Anyone else singing the Who’s “Another Trick Day?”
    Hope you’re home now!

  5. Botherit…I imagined you living it up in the Big City, not sitting sadly in an airport. Maybe absence is the best policy for Y7 social crises…in my experience, mothers around can sometimes be used to fan the emotional flames!
    Hope you got home safe and sound, though xxx

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