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Traveling Light

I'm headed out of town today to attend the Annual Meeting of the Pension Board of the United Church of Christ as a proxy delegate.

Songbird, you may ask, how did you ever fall into such a thing? An all expenses-paid trip to the Big Apple, an overnight stay at the Helmsley Hotel, car service from the airport into the city and back again?

Apparently they needed a female clergyperson from New England to balance the slate of delegates last year, and new delegates this year had to be balanced against those returning, including me.

Last year the arrival day was beautiful and I enjoyed a walk with one of my fellow delegates to the New York Public Library, and an $8 soda in Bryant Park.

This year I'm more likely to stay tucked in the hotel, given how my knee is feeling this morning, but one never knows. Later we receive orientation, are plied with cocktails, hosted at a banquet and sent to bed happy. In the morning, we hear the reports at the Annual Meeting and vote as proxies for all the members of the Pension Board.

Just like last year, I neglected to mail in my proxy. You would think knowing I was going would make a difference, wouldn't you?

I'll have my laptop, so there may be a report in later. Mostly I'm taking it to work on my sermon. I'm also carrying my Kindle, and a piece of knitting to which I hope to add a row or two. My goals are small, very small, in that area.

Most of all, I'm remembering that I attended this meeting last year before I started doing Weight Watchers. Let's just say I'm traveling considerably lighter this June, and that feels good.

13 thoughts on “Traveling Light”

  1. Well, I hope you won’t be stuck in the hotel. But if you are, maybe the ghost of the Queen of Mean will keep you company.
    Have fun!

  2. I am SO EXCITED for you, traveling light! What a great milestone for you: looking back on what that was like and what this is like, given those many lbs. released.
    Spending time tucked in my hotel room in DC last week was immensely productive for me. Either way, many blessings go with you.

  3. 🙂 Traveling light brings on another meaning when we are doing WW !
    I am curious as to how you are liking your Kindle. So tempting….

  4. Too bad there’s no time for a Broadway show!
    Happy, safe travels!

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss. I am currently 40#s lighter with another 40 to go.

  6. Have a wonderful time Songbird, even if you have to skip the $8 soda (gulp!). :c)

  7. Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t read your post sooner! I’m within shouting distance of NYC. Plus a person from my church is on the PB directorate. Oh well, at least by staying in the hotel you had refuge from this weekend’s heat.

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