Books #20, 21 and 22

I've just read two church-related books, one as a preparation for Interim Ministry training (Temporary Shepherds), which was quite useful.

The other is the work of one of my favorite RevGalBlogPals, Carol Howard Merritt, a book called Tribal Church: Ministering to the Missing Generation.

Carol has written a very good book about working within our typical mainline churches to reach younger people without screens or bands or gimmicks, by providing authentic community and caring and a place to worship and celebrate and grieve intergenerationally. These were the things I tried to do at Small Church, where things were beginning to grow, but there was not enough money to continue on full time. It encourages me to think that I was having many of the same thoughts Carol writes about in my own context; it tells me there is motion in the life of the Church, a movement of the Spirit that feels like it includes churches I have served and people with gifts for ministry something like mine. It's an Alban Institute book, and Carol is working on another right now.

You may remember I wrote recently about considering the purchase of a Kindle, in part because they are pretty cool-looking (Questing Parson said so!) and in part because the difficulty of holding a book has cut back on my time spent reading. Pure Luck liked the idea of getting one for me and so as a belated birthday present/very early Christmas present, I received one last week. I read my first book using the Kindle over the weekend, Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain. It's a beautifully written novel, using the voice of a dog as narrator. Books related to animals always make me cry, so it was pretty daring of me to get it in the first place. It is in part about car racing, but don't let that stop you. I enjoyed reading it on the Kindle and highly recommend the book, but don't want to give anything else about it away.

The Kindle was a bit expensive, but it was apparently worth it for the sake of a pun about wrapping it up again at Christmas and re-Kindling it.

Books I'm reading on the Kindle are in the sidebar as, naturally, "Kindling."

Because puns are catching.

9 thoughts on “Books #20, 21 and 22”

  1. You are SO COOL! You and QP are way ahead of the field, techno wise.
    Let us know what it’s like…reading on the doo-dad. I am so curious.

  2. I’m curious about the kindle. I would like to get one for long trips because I think it would be lighter to have one kindle than ten books.
    Thanks for the recommendation on Tribal church. I will put it on my summer reading list.

  3. I have Carol’s book, and it’s going further up on my list now, for sure.
    I am also curious about the kindle. it sounds fascinating. you ARE cool.

  4. You are so cutting edge, Miz Kindle…
    You know, I’m in a ministry that’s using screens, bands and gimmicks – and we are seeing God move in a way that’s transformational and life-giving. I hope you continue to post about the leading of the spirit in mainline denominations, particularly in reaching this generation and young people. Nothing blesses me more than hearing stories about how God is working, wherever and however – and I am thrilled to hear from those who are His hands and feet. Please keep us posted. (My, puns ARE catching, aren’t they?)

  5. Beth, I’m kind of sorry I used the word “gimmicks.” I thought about it after and wished I had another phrase in mind. And I don’t object to bands or screens, I just hope there can be more ways to do this, because I hear from too many older folks who feel they are swept out of church like dust bunnies in an effort to reach the young. There must be a way to be whole, though it is hard to find it most places.

  6. I want a Kindle! I want a Kindle! I want a Kindle!
    Ok. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, really – what is it like? Would you recommend it?

  7. OK, so I have Kindle envy! So glad you got one and are enjoying it so much. P.S. I am halfway through The Faith Club and am enjoying it very much.

  8. I’ve been out of town, so I’m just now reading this. Thank you so much for reading the book, and for writing about it. I’m so glad you liked it.
    I know that God can work through a projector screen, but I just hate the thought that so many church leaders think that’s the golden key. Especially when so many of us don’t have those resources available…. So I just wanted to write about what so many of us do–relational ministry, caring for one another, building community.

  9. RE: Kindles…I’ve come BACK to comment that I’d thought (when you wrote this) how good it was that this was available but glad I didn’t need one.
    Ahem. I have been trying to read a library copy of Ken Follett’s World Without End (sequel to Pillars of the Earth.) Hardback, 1014 pages, weighs 3.3 lbs. That does not seem like much, but it is very, very annoying and uncomfortable. Hurts my hands! Heavy to hold, heavy to rest on my chest, I HATE that book! I’m returning it until I can read in paperback or audio. Or Kindle.
    I kept thinking of you. Glad you have this new tech available. Darn sorry you need it. DARN FREAKING VERY VERY SORRY.

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