Risk Monday night, after we finished our turkey burgers and fries, we
cleared the meal away and played Risk. I teased #1 Son and Snowman for choosing such a nerdy
game (it's The Lord of the Rings version, which is perhaps even worse), but I
hung in with them and tried to learn the rules.
If you know the game, which is usually played on a
map of the world, you'll remember that you battle your competitors by rolling
the dice. I suppose that element of strategy (choosing who to fight) and luck
(what you get when you roll) adds up to the word risk. In life we try to choose
the right thing thing to do, the appropriate move to make, but then there seems
to be some element of luck or chance involved.
In our game, my troops arrayed opposite Snowman's, I
simply could not win. My dice rolls were terrible. I'm normally pretty
competitive, so this would have driven me crazy had I not just been so glad to
be with my boys again. I would have complained that the rules had not been
explained clearly or even pouted about my bad luck.
No, really. I would have.
Coming up this week we will hear the story of Noah
and his family
, doing what everyone else thought was completely crazy: building
an ark, preparing for a flood no one else imagined. Noah had something better
than a dice roll to inform him. The story tells us that God got very specific,
right down to the measurements of the ark.
I don't know about you, but I don't often get a
message quite that detailed. I sense a trend, or perceive a theme, and I follow
and hope for the best. Stepping out in faith can be risky. We may not get the
message clearly, or others may think we are as crazy as Noah for paying
attention to it.

Such a leaning is more than a roll of the
dice. It's the slim, ineffable wire that connects us to God.

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  1. yep. and yet i find whenver i step out into that risk… the rewards are great. and the more i step out, the thicker that wire to God becomes… almost like a braid, strong, very strong…

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