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Wes We Can

Obama-cp-4876151 As I mentioned the other night, Senator Kennedy was scheduled to speak at #1 Son's Commencement this Sunday at Formerly Methodist Currently Hiptastic University.

Guess who is filling in for him?

Let's just say that many other concerns flew out of our collective heads when we got the news. There may, in fact, have been some squealing.

('Cause Pure Luck is a fan, you know.)

(Maybe it was me.)

(Also possibly The Princess.)

(And a certain younger brother found the news cheering, too.)

You may remember we stood in the snow to caucus for him.

In other stories, a Wesleyan student's dad says Fox Radio has already confused Hiptastic University with Senator Clinton's alma mater…and suggested this is a slap in the face to her. Just because they both start with the same letter doesn't make them the same school. I mean.

(And if there is a hilarious, yet profane, post further down, please remember it's a student blog.)

Can we make it to Commencement?


14 thoughts on “Wes We Can”

  1. Holy moly! I’d squeal too! And that is one funny headline. :-)))

  2. Catching up on the comment: prayers and best thoughts from Ellsworth, and also a not-trying-to-be-the-doctor question: have you had careful and thorough tests for Lyme disease? My bro-in-law has been nearly laid out by a long mis-diagnosed case of Lyme, and so it’s a knee jerk reaction to ask. Humbly, I hope.
    But: as I said: prayers from here.

  3. Thanks, Becky; the doctor says arthritis from Lyme tends to manifest in one joint (usually one very swollen joint), not in pairs. I have parallel pain, and more modest swelling, so they’re looking at the other possibilities.

  4. It’s really too bad Ted Kennedy can’t make it (cause that would’ve been cool) but holy cow, how awesome is the sub!!!! That’s amazing, actually.
    And at NSLS’s alma mater, GWB is speaking. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad she graduated a few years ago (yikes, five years actually).
    And congratulations to #1 son!

  5. Can you hear me squealing from here?
    [Napoleon Dynamite voice] “Lucky!”

  6. He’ll give a fabulous commencement speach. He is an awesome person. He’s not my first choice…but looks like he will end up being the one I vote for…I trust you will have a great great time!

  7. I heard this on the news last night and smiled broadly as I knew you’d be tickled pink and other sundry colors! Lucky you!!!!! :c)

  8. grace, joyful grace! i am sooo glad you get to get a little break from some of the misery. totally cool. i can’t wait to hear the stories…

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