A Kennedy Story

When I was a little girl living in a suburb of Washington, DC, we had a special visitor one evening. Teddy Kennedy came to see my daddy to try and gain his support. Senator Kennedy wanted to be the Majority Whip. I remember being sent upstairs and sneaking down to peek into the living room…and then being compelled, silently, upstairs again when my mother realized I had escaped.

I didn't know much about Senator Kennedy himself; I really only knew he was a Kennedy, and for a little Democratic girl, his name meant glamor and excitement. And I had a treasured book about his brother, Jack, that showed him as a very little boy with long hair.

My daddy supported someone else; he had his certain friends, and one of them was Kennedy's competition for that particular job. I was sorry to hear it. I thought we loved the Kennedy family wholeheartedly.

When I worked for a while in the U.S. Senate Library, tucked in to a corner of the Capitol building, I used to see him going to his hideaway office, close by. Despite everything, he still had glamor.

Today I learned he is scheduled to be the Commencement speaker at #1 Son's graduation on Sunday. I'm sorry we won't get to hear him.

I wonder if Senator Kennedy would remember that evening visit to another Junior Senator trying to find his place in the workings of the legislative branch? I wonder if he noticed the little girl peeking around the corner?

She is thinking about his family tonight.

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  1. I remember “Camelot” a bit, when the Kennedy name was magic, and I have to admit that it was a bit of a thrill to vote for Teddy as my senator last year.
    Whatever fame and glory they’ve had, they’ve paid for in spades. The NY Times noted that two of his three children are cancer survivors.

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