Prince Caspian

I'll admit it. I'm a Narnia geek. First exposed to C.S. Lewis by my third grade teacher, Miss Ross, who read "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" aloud to our class, I became immediately obsessed. I have read and re-read and read aloud to others all seven books. They are old friends, immediately recognizable even after the passage of time.

The first Narnia movie took some liberties, but I did appreciate the way certain magical moments occurred, and I loved the Talking Beasts.

I knew the second movie would be trouble when I saw the casting. Prince Caspian is supposed to be a little boy, not some hot dude looking Queen Susan up and down.

I was not a big fan of Liam Neeson as the voice of Aslan in the first
movie, but I have concluded that no one would have satisfied my
expectations, and he is fine.

After the movie, I asked The Princess to help me come up with five things we liked, to counter the many things we found objectionable (including the above and the crazy battle scenes that featured trebuchets moved through a forest that had no roads, Pure Luck asked me to point out), and here they are:

1) Reepicheep!!!!

2) Centaurs! Lots of them!

3) Trufflehunter!! (Are you catching a theme here? We loved the Narnian creatures.)

4) Lucy, whose character was not ruined, particularly in her scenes with Aslan.

5) Edmund, whose character was best preserved of all and very well-played, although in some cases in scenes having no relationship to the book what-so-the-heck-ever (and Pure Luck did not approve the Gandalf-escape homage).

Have you been to see it? Thoughts? Outrage? Delight? (Reepicheep!!!)

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  1. Well, my son and I saw it twice this weekend. We were into extreme escapism mode. Took a friend yesterday and my mom today.
    Loved it. Though I haven’t read the book in a very long time and forgot that Caspian was just a littl’un. I objected to his casting the most because he looked more like Princess Caspian than Prince.
    Adored Reepicheep and even more, loved Eddie Izzard doing the voice!! That so rocked. The castle battle gave me the fits, but I loved the field battle where they sank the battlefield, as it were.
    Centaurs so totally rocked. And those wonderful birds! And, I’ve always favored Lucy’s casting and rendition the most in both films.

  2. pretty dismal results at the box office too…but i agree, ben barnes is one hot prince caspian.

  3. Haven’t been to see it; planning to as soon as the exams are over. VERY skeptical about Caspian, and have been ever since the previews started.
    So I suppose what I’m saying is that I fully expect to be disappointed by certain parts of it…

  4. Thanks for this review, which (Reepicheep notwithstanding) doesnt do much to strengthen my resolve to see it. The first one took so many liberties, that (except for Mr. Tumnus!!) I could not enjoy it at all. So I’m avoiding the movie and reading the book for the first time to E instead. And he LOVES it 🙂 natch.

  5. i wasn’t thrilled, either. i’m a total book purist, so i always fault-find with such movies. i might like it better the second time around. there were some good parts. i love reepicheep, though i thought the voice casting could have been better. i, too, have made my peace with liam neeson. the telmarine accents were good, and the fight scene between miraz (sp?) and peter was quite excellent.
    however, the liberties they took with the plot and characterization were shameful. the way they muddled and muddied peter’s character was criminal, and i think it skews part of the message lewis was advancing. the rivalry, the romance, and the castle invasion were ridiculous, im(not-so)ho.
    it was nice to see some of the familiar characters (bulgy bears, the giant, the squirrel), but it’s too bad they weren’t given more lines. i did get a chuckle out of lucy’s dagger drawing, though it was added.

  6. You mean I Was At School With Reepicheep?!?!?!?!
    I’m now beside myself with excitement (Eddie Izzard bought me my first gin and tonic, when I was 18…he was under age, and did it to irritate his very straight-laced brother, who had a bit of a thing for me at that point 😉 )…I’ve enjoyed his mercurial rise, but never imagined he’d make it to Narnia.
    As for the film, it hasnt been released here yet…I’m sure we’ll go, though I feel it’s the weakest of the books…How were the naiads and dryads? I remember them as very important in the book…

  7. Haven’t seen it and may have to wait until the dvd, but half of the kids in the house have gone, and the verdict on their behalf is that Reepicheep rocks. And they’re fighting over who is hotter – Caspian or Peter. They loved the movie and decided not to compare it to the book…

  8. The number one reason Mallory and all her sixteen year old friends want to see it is Caspian. That explains the casting.
    We’re big Narnia fans, (Bert’s doing his 5th read aloud right now, because Mason is finally old enough) but because of the bad reviews I think we will wait for the dollar theatre.

  9. ummm…loved the music? that’s the best thing i could say.
    i adore the books, too, and did, in fact, love the first movie. when my 6 year old daughter realized it was being released on my birthday, she deemed that the way to celebrate, and we did. poor little thing. the battle scenes were intense and took up too much time in the movie. the narnians were sublime, though, and i do love peter, susan, edmund, and lucy. in that order. lucy is perfection.

  10. I am Narnia Geek also!
    I have not seen it, but from previews, the mouse looks great and is funny!
    Really was upset that Prince C, was a dude. Obvioulsy, casting was driven to get swooning fans and not be true to story!
    I am seldom happy with movies if I have read the book.Hollywood just can’t capture on film (in 2-3 hours) a tale woven over many hours of writing, re-writing, editing, and publishing a story that began deep in someone’s heart and mind. They seldom even come close.
    I will still give this one a try, but I can go in with lowered expectations.

  11. I’m glad to have read this. I’m a Narnia maniac and have been forever…and book purist as well. I’ll be working on my willing suspension of disbelief up until showtime!

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