Waking slowly, working through night's stiffness
I remember dreams of my hometown
brick sidewalks and beloved faces

Still in bed, I am embraced
I rise to wake my daughter
Downstairs dogs want petting

my glasses–where?–on the coffee table
the book I'm starting to read
prescription filled and taken

jeans to put in the dryer
towels that need to be folded
dishes that need to be loaded

leftover pizza in the refrigerator
love in the faces of husband and daughter
bliss in the tails of dogs that are wagging

On the mantelpiece in a crystal vase
hyacinths cut from our garden yesterday
dress the air with thick joy

7 thoughts on “Early”

  1. Hi Songbird, I can’t get my email to email you, but I wanted to ask if you could keep my friend Jake and his family in your prayers. They had to put there 13 year old Bernese Mountain Dog down on Saturday after a long struggle with illness. It is really hitting him and his sister hard, coming home to a home with no dog. Thanks, Sisterknits

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