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This week, Questing Parson and Mrs. QP are visiting in the area, and as if it wasn't enough to have them come to church on Sunday, they came back our way and took The Princess and me out to dinner tonight. We suggested a favorite local place, the route to which showed them the fullness of the neighborhood I've lived in for 18 of my 21 years in City By the Sea.

Questing Parson has a new toy, a Kindle, Amazon's wireless reading device (and it's possible I may covet it, just a little). The Parson is quite the Kindle evangelist. We looked at all it could do, how the settings could be personalized, the font enlarged, how quickly the new Al Gore book could download.

At dinner, he asked me to tell the story of how RevGalBlogPals came to be. I love to tell the story, how a two line post by St. Casserole, derived from a conversation with her husband, grew 115 comments, a webring, a blog and a CafePress store in about 48 hours. And that was just the beginning. So many people came into my life, and others have connections I don't even know about, kindled by that one small flame.

On our street this afternoon, I introduced QP to my neighbors, who also blog, and we mentioned the other Methodist blogger my neighbor couple knows, also a RevGalBlogPal. As we arrived at the restaurant, I had a text message from another clergywoman blogger friend.

And just this morning, I gained reassurance from one friend and got comfort from another in little chat boxes, and when I made an error that I hope will prove funny and not catastrophic, I knew who to call for perspective.

All day I've talked with different people about what the Church is coming to, about what our own churches face, about the shift from an old model to a newer one for ministry, about the way women fit in and don't, are accepted or aren't, in the parish and in our denominations. An older pastor from the South and a younger pastor from Maine stood on the sidewalk and shared the same hopes and concerns and puzzlements about their wider church. Four women ministers wondered when we will all learn what some churches know already, that being a faith community does not require a traditional church building.

I wonder what God will do with me, in the long run.

The Internet, then, has kindled many connections of a new kind, a
breath of fresh air in my life and ministry fueling my passion for ministry. It's a different kind of
Pentecost, this kindling of hearts across the ether, a wireless
connection of the deepest kind, personalized, suited to me, just right
for the world at this moment, reminding us that the world really is
small, that it's time to think about how other people live, too.

Something new is kindling. 

5 thoughts on “Kindle”

  1. The way you find metaphors everywhere that pull the pieces of life into such a clear picture never ceases to amaze me. And you are right: something new with all of these Internet relationships *is* kindling. I often feel that I attend worship services held at the Church of the Reflectionary, the pastor of which is you.

  2. A faith community can spring up from anywhere really. I care just as deeply for people here I’ve never met as ones I worship with each Sunday in a building. Can’t wait to hear what’s kindling in your head Songbird.
    (As an aside, I wanted one desperately for my Bday, but they were still on massive backorder. I went ahead and ordered myself one, then started feeling guilty about shelling out the $400 for a digital reader and canceled the order. This girl dreams of one too.)

  3. Thank you both.
    Mrs. QP tells me they are available for less when you’re flying on Delta. But I’m not, anytime soon. Sigh.

  4. They are pretty and shiny.
    The Amazon Kindles, I mean.
    Although I expect the RevGalPals are pretty and shiny, too.

  5. We are pretty and shiny, KathyR.
    I’m so glad you all spoke of me. I knew where QP was this week and was missing both you and him.
    Still trying to discern how to keep blogging, along with lots of other things. Thank you for your voice being a part of it.

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