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Monday Morning Birthday-backing

Mondays in my new job are meant to be a "work at/from home" day, for reading and writing, but thus far there have been appointments on all of them.

Today, not so. I am staying home. I have two books to read (not sure which will be the priority yet). I'm going to take a walk. The dogs will be glad of company.

I'm going to think back on my birthday yesterday and remember:

  • The lowest weight I've seen on the scale in many, many years
  • Dancing with Danny, from our Achievers Class (for mentally handicapped adults) even though he held my wrists a little tight
  • Communion with the Achievers
  • The congregation singing Happy Birthday during announcements
  • My friend, Questing Parson, and his lovely wife, visiting from faraway Georgia
  • A little fellow who pretended to like the crust of the bread during the Children's Message
  • Church President asking if I wanted to "get my wrists on" (meaning the splints) before shaking hands
  • Wee gifts from church members: a May basket, a crochet table topper, daffodils from the garden that I placed on the pulpit
  • Pure Luck singing Happy Birthday on the phone, beautifully
  • The Princess and her Blonde Cousin and all the other girls who did such a beautiful job at their concert
  • Guitar Boy standing waiting for The Princess with a bouquet of carnations
  • Hands so sore from clapping that I could not type this last night
  • Sam's foot bandage (he has an infection) loose on the floor, looking like a disembodied paw from a horror story
  • I didn't say these were all charming
  • Countless birthday messages via email, comments, Facebook wall, Superpoke and text messages
  • Applebee's Carside to Go with The Princess, eaten while watching "John Adams" (Don't tell my Southern relatives how much I did John and Abigail, okay? I promise I still love Thomas Jefferson.)
  • A phone call from Snowman (although he still hasn't told me about how Morp, the Land o' Lakes prom, went last Sunday)
  • And finally, a phone call from #1 Son, who is only three weeks away from college graduation, ack!
  • (Possibly also homemade toffee, but it's a new day, and we will not speak of it)

The sun is shining here again. I'm picturing myself at the Star$$$ for a very nice cup of coffee and some reading time in the window. What are you up to today?

21 thoughts on “Monday Morning Birthday-backing”

  1. Happy, happy birthday, Songbird!
    May you have a very lovely day!

  2. Happy birthday! What a collection of memorable moments. 🙂

  3. Happy Day After Birthday!
    I am working at/from home today, too. I foolishly told the choir director that I would have an outline of the preaching texts/themes for Sept-January ready for her in about two weeks. Mondays are my Liturgicave days.

  4. Your days yesterday and today sound lovely (well, except for the disembodied paw and the out-of-town husband parts). Here’s to a good year! Guitar Boy sounds like a winner, by the way.

  5. He’s a nice boy. We like his family, too. We’re living the 7th grade dream.

  6. Oh, happy belated birthday! Rest those wrists!
    Everyday is work at/from home day for me. Unless you know someone who’s hiring…

  7. Happy Happy Day After!! Love the disembodied paw – adds to the drama of the day – hope the infection is healing

  8. Belated Birthday wishes for a year full of joy, grace and amazing adventures yet before you!

  9. Happy belated Birthday Songbird! I am glad you had a wonderful couple of days off.
    Peace and love!

  10. I think it is good to keep birthdays going on and on for at least a week, so happy happy birthday to you.

  11. Happy Birthday dear Songbird! Sounds like there are some lovely things to think about in that list!!
    Today I’m at work, as usual, but the sun is out and I’ve put on a spring skirt for the first time. We hope and pray that the season is finally here to stay.

  12. Today was a public holiday here, so I saw a funeral family and then had Open House all afternoon…somethign like 70 assorted parishioners through the doors, so very successful but even more exhausting.
    Happy Birthday plus One. Love you xxx

  13. What a great, even though not all charming, list! I’m glad Mr and Mrs QP were able to vist. I’m looking forward to meeting the good parson at the festival of homiletics.

  14. sorry to miss your birthday while retreating! hope it was happy!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday and you sure do look good in the newer photo! Conrats on the weight loss 🙂

  16. I’m a little behind in blog reading, so let me be one of the last to wish you a happy day!

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