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19 Points

It's one of those Good News, Bad News things.

The good news: I haven't weighed this little since about 1992.

The bad news: Because I dropped into a new "decade," I lose a daily point, leaving me with 19.

It's not a lot of food, although you also get 35 weekly points which can be spread out however you see fit. But it really means looking at what I eat on any given day and deciding what I'm willing to give up for the duration. (And another point when I hit the next decade, but I imagine that is months away.)

You can also eat the equivalent of your earned Activity Points on the same day, but I am laid low at the moment with my wrist problem, feeling pretty enervated, so that won't be a help for now.

Because they don't give Rest Points, darn it!

13 thoughts on “19 Points”

  1. Drats! But given 19 points, I know how much you now do NOT weigh and HOORAY for you!

  2. Thanks, MB! You don’t get much slack on points when you’re 5 feet tall, that’s for sure. (I actually weigh LESS than it says on my driver’s license, when for years I had weighed far more.)

  3. I can picture it now: Coming soon to a model runway near you–Songbird!

  4. congrats! sorry about the lose of the point. I know its good news but every point counts, doesn’t it?!

  5. It just doesn’t seem right to get only 19 points, does it?
    Congratulations on the weightloss however!

  6. may you keep on keepin’ on…losing cuz that’s making you a winner! how’s that for a double-edged deal?

  7. re the weight on the DL. – Texas has never (in my memory) put “weight” on the DL. I am so grateful, and it’s really one of the only sensible things we do/don’t do. Why would you put that on there, when it is so unlikely to be accurate!?
    Haircolor is another story…!

  8. Congrats on dropping into a lower decade. You’ve come this far. You can do it. You told me you’ve lost a lot it by walking. Is walking ruled out w/ current wrist issue? I’m pleased to have your example in my life.

  9. m-lr, walking is not ruled out in general, I’m just a little fatigued and haven’t felt up to much beyond work and absolute necessities. The weather is better today, so I hope to get out for a while.

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