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After a trip to the sports medicine doctor (yes, LOL, Songbird at the sports doctor, hi-larious), I am wearing two of these, which are more comfortable than the other version, but this doctor wants me to wear them 24/ 7.

I am looking for things to cheer me, and The Princess suggested adding a gadget to my iGoogle page.

She was right. Go see The Daily Puppy and you will understand why.

(P.S. The disembodied arm? Not mine.)

10 thoughts on “The Daily Puppy”

  1. The Daily Puppy is now on my Google page. Just what the doctor ordered. I am hoping that what the doctor ordered for you is going to provide some relief for you!

  2. Glad to hear that your arm is still firmly attached, if strangely clad. Perhaps you should take up archery!

  3. Not great, MB. I’m also trying to figure out how to hold a book, for goodness sake.
    Knitting is, of course, O.U.T. for the duration.

  4. Ech. Sorry. I’m praying that they do their job FAST.
    And enjoying the Daily Puppy ever so.

  5. Argh. I commented on this earlier and it isn’t here!
    I wanted to know what you could do with those things on, other than hitch-hike or high-five people.
    Poor Songbird!

  6. I am also enjoying an iGoogle gadget called “Places to see before you die.” Gorgeous photos!

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