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More Signs of Spring



and more crocuses

And more crocuses!!

Soon: daffodils...

The hope of daffodils!!

I am proud of hand-digging all those little holes.

Puss Puss

Puss Puss, however, the cat who prefers the outdoors…

The best use for the garden

would like you to acknowledge the true purpose of the garden.

9 thoughts on “More Signs of Spring”

  1. Ah, happy housewarming at the new space! As for feline interpretations of outdoor purpose…well, I like Puss Puss’s view much better than Baby’s.

  2. Beautiful promises of spring!
    It amazes me how cats can be so meticulous with their 30 minutes baths only to roll with such gusto in dirt and sand!

  3. Oh, aren’t these gorgeous little flowers! And love the kittyrolling.

  4. The crocuses are lovely!
    Amie thinks the azalea bushes were planted in order to provide her with a backscratcher.

  5. Adorable flowers and what a fine kitty!
    Glad Spring is showing herself where you are.
    I remember when you planted the bulbs! Nice Work!

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