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Friday Five: For Just 24 Hours

As posted by revhrod at RevGalBlogPals:

I had the 24 hour flu. I had been told by the people who had it first
that it really was a twenty-four hour bug. And so while I dealt with
all the blech of the flu, I kept reminding myself that morning would
come and I would feel a lot better.

This is
certainly a strange way to start out a Friday Five but it made me think
about what I might like to do if I knew it would only last for 24
hours. There are no reality boundaries to these imaginings. So here are
the five things for you to consider…
  1. If you could dramatically change your physical appearance for 24 hours, what would you do? == Ah, that's an easy one! I would love to be tall for a day, just to see what it feels like, although a day might not be long enough to feel comfortable in a very different form. Mostly I would love to find out what it's like to be closer in height to my husband, so how about being 5'11" for a day? That's just 11 inches taller…
  2. If you could live in another place for 24 hours where would you go? — I would love to spend a day, as a native, in Tokyo. It's one place in the world I've never visited but always wanted to see. And I know there is one other member of my household who would love to be there with me, The Princess.
  3. You get to do somebody else's job for a day… — Ah, this is a fantasy in a big way. I would like to spend a day in a Broadway musical, preferably a two show day! There is nothing like the rush of doing live theatre, and that would be my dream job for a day, definitely. Brush off my green glasses and send me to "Wicked!"
  4. Spend the day with another person from anywhere in time and space… — I suppose the obvious answer would be Jesus, but the other person whose life fascinates me is Jane Austen. I would love to really know her.
  5. A magical power is yours. Which one would you pick? — What? You don't know about my magical powers? Oh, you're serious. Okay. Flying. I would take flying. I sometimes dream about flying, though not as often as I did years ago. To just be able to take off–woohoo!!!

10 thoughts on “Friday Five: For Just 24 Hours”

  1. Only eleven inches? Hee hee!
    My husband says he is not overweight, he is under tall. Of course, at 6’5″ no one believes him.

  2. I like the being taller.being taller, but not tall at 5’8″ and shrinking.
    And being in a broadway show, what a great wish! I worked in summer stock, but not on stage, and it was a lot of fun.

  3. Hope you are feeling much better today Songbird. Love your list of 24 hour wishes. I wouldn’t mind a few inches myself!

  4. You and my younger daughter had the same wish #1! And it would be cool to hang out with Jane Austen. (In some ways even more fun if she could hang out here — I bet she’d have some great comments!)

  5. Speaking of #3, I had a question for you a while back on my blog. See this week’s Friday Frivolity…

  6. I love your post! And of course Jane Austen would be the person for you to chat with. I’d love to have the power of invisibility so I could listen in. Glad you are re-connected.

  7. Great play, Songbird! A day in a Broadway musical would be amazing!!![wicked is my favorite, too!]

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