“My times are in your hand”

Easter 5A   Psalm 31:1-5,15-16)

I find this psalm funny, oddly familiar, full of theological red flags, yet somehow just right.

It reminds me of the prayers I hurriedly murmur at night.

My daytime prayers are more focused, more complete, more articulate and sometimes even articulated.

But at night, in the liminal space between consciousness and dreams, I murmur:

O Lord, who did I want to pray for? M's daughter and S's son and both their families, the ladies from church I visited today, and everyone seems to be so angry in the world, dear God, I am praying for the world, and oh, my sweet children, and my love, and am I doing all you want me to do?

Am I?

I love the phrase "My times are in your hands." I don't see it as an assertion that God is managing everything down to the letter; I couldn't believe in that God, not in this world, the way things are every day. No, I see it as a commitment of my hours, my days, my life.

My times are in God's hands.

1 thought on ““My times are in your hand””

  1. Songbird, this is so right on. Sometimes I look at the world or at the Church (universal) and think that there are two kinds of people: people who believe that God operates all the details of their lives, as if God is their own Divine Administrative Assistant. When the world doesn’t go according to expectations, those people tend to get angry with God.
    Then there are those who look at it the way you describe–that the relationship is a two way commitment. I do so struggle to be less like the first type and more of the second, because that’s the God I believe in too.

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