A Little Break

Just a note–I’m taking a little break here and focusing my writing efforts over the way at Reflectionary. I am not sure if this is a turn in another direction (for writing or for blogging), or an experiment, or perhaps a period of re-defining, assessing where I am and what I’m doing with myself. It may be as simple or as momentous as leaving the birdcage, or as ironic as exchanging one for another.

Anyway, I’m over there, and if I reach any sort of decision about permanent moves, I’ll let you know!

8 thoughts on “A Little Break”

  1. I just come back after five days and find that you and PS are both taking breaks. Let us know what happens, ok?

  2. I certainly can’t gripe about anyone taking a blog break. My blog is more break than blog lately.
    Wherever you’re writing, I’ll be reading.

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